XRP Ledger introduces automated market maker functionality



  • XRP Ledger now has AMM for easier trading and passive income.
  • Ripple’s CTO is happy about the AMM launch on XRPL.
  • Despite hiccups, XRPL AMM gained momentum with 210 active pools, like USDC/XRP.

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) recently marked a significant milestone with the long-awaited launch of automated market maker (AMM) functionality. Spearheaded by Ripple‘s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, the integration of AMM onto the XRPL decentralized exchange (DEX) has been heralded as a monumental platform evolution.

A game-changing addition to XRPL DEX

Previously reliant on manual market making, the XRPL DEX now boasts a non-custodial AMM as its centerpiece, offering enhanced liquidity provision services to users. This automated approach streamlines trading processes and opens doors for passive income opportunities within the XRP community.

David Schwartz expressed his contentment with the rollout, underscoring the culmination of approximately two years of meticulous effort. He emphasized that the debut of the AMM signifies the initiation of a promising journey toward future growth milestones for all stakeholders involved in the XRPL community.

Community applause and recognition

The XRPL community has warmly embraced the introduction of AMM, with figures like Panos Mekras, founder of Anodos Finance, extending gratitude to those instrumental in bringing this innovation to fruition.

The journey towards AMM integration began with the XLS-30 amendment, which underwent deliberation since the previous year. Despite a setback due to a detected bug leading to a temporary loss of consensus, the amendment eventually garnered validation from XRPL validators in February, paving the way for the AMM launch.

Since its inception, the XRPL AMM has witnessed a flurry of activity in the crypto market, with numerous automated market maker pools for XRP swiftly establishing themselves. Notably, data from XRP Explorer XRPScan indicates the operation of 210 liquidity pools.

Prominent liquidity pools and trading activity

The largest liquidity pool for XRP currently revolves around the USDC/XRP pair, boasting significant liquidity and trading volume. With many transactions and swaps involving contributions from many individuals, this pool exemplifies the growing interest in AMM functionality within the XRPL ecosystem.

Apart from the USDC/XRP pair, various other pairs, such as SOLO/XRP, BTC/XRP, FLR/XRP, and USDT/XRP, have also garnered traction, reflecting diverse investment preferences within the community.

Implementing automated market maker functionality onto the XRP Ledger signifies a paradigm shift in decentralized exchange operations, offering enhanced liquidity and passive income avenues for the XRP community. With enthusiastic support from stakeholders and developers, the XRPL AMM sets the stage for further innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

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