Ripple and XRP ledger face allegations amidst EVM integration speculations


  • Ripple and XRP Ledger face claims that Ripple’s actions could threaten XRPL’s integrity.
  • Allegations suggest Ripple aims to hide XRP sales by integrating an EVM sidechain.
  • Ripple’s CTO denies the claims, stating they aim to improve XRPL’s capabilities, not hide sales.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Ripple and the XRP Ledger (XRPL) find themselves at a crossroads as speculation mounts regarding Ripple‘s intentions and potential impact on the XRPL’s integrity. Recent discussions within the cryptocurrency community have raised concerns about Ripple’s role within the XRPL ecosystem, particularly in light of its proposed integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain and the introduction of smart contract capability through Hooks.

Allegations and counterarguments

A vocal member of the community, identified as Onledger, has asserted that Ripple, the team often revered within the community, poses the most significant threat to the XRPL. Onledger alleges that Ripple’s motive behind adopting Hooks and integrating an EVM sidechain is to conceal its XRP sales by leveraging anonymity. The claim suggests that Ripple aims to wrap its XRP tokens and sell them anonymously, circumventing the transparency inherent in native smart contract capabilities.

However, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), David Schwartz, has refuted these allegations, arguing that such drastic measures would be unnecessary for a company like Ripple, which can openly sell its tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges with less scrutiny. Schwartz maintains that while not providing absolute anonymity, cryptocurrency exchanges offer privacy Ripple can leverage for its sales.

Ripple’s response

In response to Onledger’s claims, Schwartz emphasizes that the use of EVM and Hooks does not serve the purpose of anonymity but aims to enhance the functionality and versatility of the XRPL. He further points out that Ripple’s activities are subject to scrutiny by exchanges and regulatory bodies, implying that true anonymity would be unattainable regardless of the platform used for token sales.

The allegations against Ripple come when the company has faced legal challenges, particularly concerning the classification of XRP as a security. In July 2023, a US court ruled in favor of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), declaring XRP offered by Ripple to institutional investors as a security. This ruling raised concerns about Ripple’s sales practices, particularly those related to On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) services, which facilitate cross-border transactions.

Onledger draws attention to these past legal issues, suggesting that Ripple’s adoption of EVM and Hooks may be driven by a desire to evade regulatory scrutiny and anonymity. However, Ripple maintains that its actions are motivated by a commitment to innovation and improving XRPL’s capabilities rather than attempts to conceal its operations.

As the debate surrounding Ripple’s role within the XRPL ecosystem continues, it is evident that differing perspectives exist regarding the company’s motives and intentions. While some cryptocurrency community members express concerns about the potential implications of Ripple’s actions, others maintain that such measures are aimed at enhancing the functionality and competitiveness of the XRPL.

As Ripple moves forward with its plans to integrate EVM and Hooks, the cryptocurrency community will continue closely monitoring developments, seeking clarity on the implications for the XRPL’s integrity and transparency. In cryptocurrency’s dynamic and rapidly evolving world, transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulatory standards remain paramount, ensuring market participants’ continued trust and confidence.

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