SEC-Ripple legal battle intensifies: Key dates and expectations


  • SEC and Ripple clash in court over XRP, with deadlines nearing for briefs.
  • SEC wants fines and injunctions against Ripple, which fights back.
  • Legal experts foresee a long process, possibly extending into late summer.

As the longstanding legal dispute between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple unfolds, stakeholders eagerly anticipate significant developments in the coming weeks. With crucial deadlines looming, both parties are gearing up for a pivotal phase in the litigation process.

Ripple key dates approaching

The SEC’s opening brief is scheduled for submission on March 22, marking the beginning of a critical phase in the legal proceedings. Ripple, in turn, will have until April 22 to file its opposition brief. Following this, the SEC can submit a reply brief by May 6. These deadlines, outlined by former Federal Prosecutor James Filan, form part of the revised schedule for the remedies briefing.

The SEC’s request for a one-week extension, citing “good cause,” resulted in the adjustment of the deadlines. Originally set for March 13, the SEC’s opening brief deadline was extended to accommodate the Commission’s request. Judge Analisa Torres granted the extension to avoid prejudice and ensure fairness in the proceedings. Additionally, Ripple’s deadline to file its opposition brief was shifted from April 12 to April 22, granting the defendants ample time to prepare a comprehensive response.

Focus of remedies briefing

During the remedies briefing stage, the SEC is expected to emphasize certain documents obtained during the discovery stage, particularly post-complaint institutional sales contracts. These documents will serve as the foundation for the SEC’s arguments as it seeks remedies for Ripple’s alleged breach of securities laws. The Commission will likely request a monetary fine and an injunction restraining Ripple from engaging in institutional sales that violate securities regulations.

Ripple is poised to challenge the SEC’s assertions, particularly regarding the classification of its transactions. The crypto firm may argue that its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) transactions do not constitute securities, presenting a counterargument to the SEC’s claims. Additionally, Ripple may dispute the amount of the proposed fine and contest the remedies sought by the Commission.

Expert insights and timeline

Legal experts anticipate a complex and protracted legal process, with the potential for further brief filings beyond the remedies briefing stage. John Deaton, a prominent advocate for XRP, suggests that a final judgment may not be reached until late summer at the earliest. Moreover, the likelihood of appeals from both parties following the judgment adds another layer of uncertainty to the case’s timeline.

As the SEC-Ripple legal battle enters a critical phase, stakeholders closely monitor the unfolding developments and anticipate the outcomes of the upcoming brief submissions. With key deadlines approaching and contentious issues at the forefront, the trajectory of the litigation remains uncertain. As both parties prepare to present their arguments and counterarguments, the resolution of this high-profile case continues to draw significant attention from the cryptocurrency community and beyond.

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