Canada’s Economic Future Hangs in the Balance: AI Offers a Path Forward


  • Canada’s economy is slipping, risking our cherished public services like healthcare and education.
  • Artificial intelligence offers hope for reversing this decline by democratizing its use among all Canadians.
  • To succeed, we must tackle challenges, build trust, and embrace a culture of openness to technology.

Canada faces a pressing economic challenge threatening its foundational values and public services. Over the past decades, the country has witnessed a significant decline in innovation, productivity, and economic growth, placing it at risk of losing ground among its global peers. As per recent reports from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada is projected to experience the lowest growth among 38 studied countries in the coming decades.

The role of AI in reshaping Canada’s trajectory

In light of this concerning trend, experts like Joël Blit, a Professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo, emphasize that artificial intelligence (AI) presents a transformative opportunity for Canada. Despite Canada’s negative attitudes toward AI, the technology holds immense potential to reverse the country’s economic decline and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Blit stresses the importance of democratizing AI, ensuring that every Canadian—from workers to students to small business owners—embraces the technology. He asserts that the true value of AI lies not just in its development but in its widespread utilization across various sectors. Drawing parallels with past disruptive technologies like the internet, Blit emphasizes that the benefits of AI will be most effectively harnessed through grassroots experimentation and innovation.

Challenges and solutions

However, achieving mass adoption of AI is not without its challenges. Blit highlights the need to build trust through appropriate regulation and ensure no Canadian is left behind amidst job disruptions. Additionally, he advocates for comprehensive retraining programs and financial support for affected workers. Moreover, he emphasizes the importance of promoting technological literacy among the public, including students and the broader population.

Crucially, Blit emphasizes the necessity of fostering a culture of openness to technological change in Canada. Winning the hearts and minds of Canadians is essential for seizing the opportunity presented by AI and driving the country towards a more prosperous future. By encouraging widespread experimentation and creativity, Canada can position itself as a leader in the AI age, potentially birthing its tech giants akin to Amazon, Meta, and Google.

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