USDe investors to claim their share in Ethena Labs’ ENA token airdrop


  • The ENA token launch will accelerate Ethena’s DeFi ecosystem growth.
  • USDe holders gain through strategic ENA token airdrop.
  • Ethena introduces governance dynamics with ENA, enhancing engagement.

Etha Labs token, ENA, a significant development within the DeFi sector ecosystem system that stems from its $1.3 billion USDe dollar Announced airdrop for USDE holders  The exportation of ENA signifies a turning point for Ethena, seeing the digital asset listed at a record-high opening price of 64 cents and available to all centralized exchanges. 

This was averse as soon the ICO went on and highly spread the word of mouth, giving the token the price of $0.0129. This is an incredible figure, meaning the token’s market capitalization came to nearly $500 million, per the CoinGecko data.

A strategic airdrop is to be sent directly to USDe holders.

Ethena Labs made a move yesterday for their project promotion by inviting UsDe holders to participate in the airdrop action. This will mean that there will be daily and hourly distribution of these ENA tokens to holders, with 750 million tokens allocated for this purpose, which comes to 5% of the entire supply of ENA tokens. 

The post read: On being on the claims process, we launched a webpage dedicated exclusively to the tokens distributing network, which guarantees a transparent and secure process. Users have been informed to use the legitimate claim link that Ethena provides to guarantee the program is not abused and to avoid circulating fake links.

Strategic airdrops increase the community and create more participation among the holders. They are also a token of appreciation and determination for Ethena to unearth the DeFi sector. Governance is the key to running ENA at the Ethena Lab. Therefore, the DeFi space becomes a viable ground for the company to prove that it is a futuristic and community-inclusive entity in sync with the demands of the fast-evolving world.

Ethena Labs unveils innovative Airdrop and interactive event

Ethena Labs has planned an engaging, interactive event, followed by an airdrop campaign right after the implementation of the ENA trading and the latter part of the planned expansion. On the blackboard, the campaign for coming will be demonstrated. This was described in detail in a recent blog post, in which the bonuses for the next stage of ecosystem enrichment will be introduced.

The USDe token, which is the backbone of Ethena’s program, can be viewed as a synthetic dollar savings account, innovatively granting the holders of the tokens with substantial income yield. The mechanism for USDe is realising this by combining the assets by setting a liquidity ratio for ether (ETH) tokens that amounts to $1. 

This framework has thus shown itself to be a reincarnation of the classic finance tools and a new creation utilizing a DeFi agenda. It is both an interesting proposition for traditional investors and those who are greenhorns in this crypto space.

Given that the DeFi space goes through permanent change, the token programming by Ethena Labs is evidence of the area’s outstanding dynamism and consistent innovation.

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