Cryptocurrency community pranks unfold on April Fools’ Day


  • The crypto community pulls April Fools’ Day pranks, like Solana’s fake BunkerCoin and Vitalik Buterin’s “degen communism” joke.
  • Some pranks, like fake fundraising announcements, faced criticism for potential market impact.
  • Despite the debate, April 1st brought laughter and camaraderie to the crypto world, showing its playful side.

Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana, tends to send people in the cryptocurrency industry into a frenzy of hysterical laughter because last April 1st, he opened the virtual vault and introduced the made-up “BunkerCoin” token to the world. 

His tweets may not have made much sense to me as they were tech vocabulary-stacked; however, I know his token was created for shortwave radio channels using technologies like ZkProofs and Groth16 proofs. The release was intended to jade the issue that new cryptocurrency projects are usually full of complexities, generating a lighthearted and sarcastic atmosphere among enthusiasts.

Vitalik Buterin proposes “Degen Communism”

Ethereum‘s Vitalik Buterin, a well-known co-founder, also posted a “degen communism” April Fool post to argue that this philosophy will serve the crypto community the most. However, by deriving Hell from memecoins, Buterin sharpens the topic and can quickly compare their essence with meals. While the post mostly targeted a comedic audience, it still drove some contacts about the possibility of the contribution of the memecoins to the financial markets, repeating Buterin’s earlier statement on the same.

In a miss that has raised discussions among the supporters, Ethereum maximalist David Hoffman announced his gathering from the Ethereum environment to join forces with the Solana Foundation as VP of Decentralization. The fake motion still has humor, showing us the Ethereum – Solana rivalry and Hoffman’s movement surprises many of his community. While the prankster was rather playful and ordinarily amusing during the other celebration time, even among people who do not have common beliefs, it now appears almost reckless.

JuiceBox and Waves protocols play pranks

Besides the crypto altar, April Fool’s pranks were funny while others were controversial, as JuiceBox and Waves claimed attracted a few memesters. Named after the syrup used when making pancakes, the JuiceBox protocol was hacked by a pseudonymous account claiming Paradigm, an investment firm, funded the protocol in huge sums. 

It resulted in a sharp spike in the protocol’s native token, but the prank was later revealed. Unlike that, the founder of Waves protocol, “Sasha,” started integration with AI, which awarded a rising WAVES token price for just a few minutes until the WAVES token price returned to its former levels.

BitMEX Research, in the spirit of April 1st, fibered some hoax to fool Bitcoin Trust of Grayscale. Grayscale’s wind-up prank drew laughter when it was said they stood at $0, and then the actual figure was revealed. This was while Tom Emmer, a Republican majority whip, took a jab at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, indirectly commending the organization before a photoshopped sign revealing the intention, which said, “April Fools!”

Community responses vary

Some in the cryptocurrency community had been joyful that the pranks have been in the theme of The Day of Fools; the others, however, had been rather critical as the effects of the pranks on the market and investor sentiment could be significant in the long run. The leaked goals for the future were delayed. 

Some IPO hopefuls criticized this, questioning the founder’s firmness in revealing all details of the negotiations with investors. While the day consisted of a walking tour with lots of banters, it gave a moment when the industry people could just be themselves in the otherwise tense work environment.

April Fools’ Day was a busy time for the cryptocurrency community, and everyone got into a cheerful mood, including the major players and projects that played a “trick-a-trade” with jokes and fun. It was the day for the town’s creative souls to deliver a heartwarming display of solidarity and community.

While some practical jokes were harmless and others funny, some sparked debate and were contrary to the ethics in the industry. Still, it shows that transparency and responsibility always come first in an organization that keeps on the edge of innovation. As the community reflects on the day’s festivities, one thing remains clear: although there exists lots of digital speed, there is always space for indulgence in the crypto world lane.

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