Upbit faces a whopping $3.4 Billion scam with counterfeit Aptos (APT) tokens


  • Upbit’s system mistakenly accepted fake Aptos (APT) tokens, leading to a $3.4 billion scam, affecting roughly 100,000 user accounts.
  • Despite the massive breach, Aptos (APT) token prices remain resilient, witnessing a 5% surge in the last 24 hours.

South Korea’s foremost cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, has encountered a significant setback following the detection of a counterfeit deposit on its platform. A duplicitous group of scammers managed to present a sham coin as the authentic Aptos (APT) token, leading to one of the largest digital currency security breaches in modern history.

The unraveling of the $3.4 Billion deception

Earlier on Sunday, the nefarious activity was brought to light when Upbit’s intricate security system erroneously classified the spurious coin as APT. This slip enabled a programmed bot to deposit an enormous volume of the bogus tokens into a multitude of user accounts. The news of this breach, as reported by the Korea-based media outlet “Web 3 Builders,” has certainly taken the cryptocurrency community by storm.

The magnitude of this violation is truly monumental, impacting an approximated 100,000 accounts, all possessing APT deposits. Astoundingly, the collective worth of these fabricated APT tokens comes to an astonishing $3.4 billion. Furthermore, many Korean crypto-enthusiasts have also reported unsolicited receipt of APT tokens.

Upbit’s swift response and protective measures

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Upbit promptly initiated measures to shield its vast user base. This began with the immediate suspension of all APT deposits and withdrawals, attributing the halt to necessary wallet system maintenance.

The exchange issued an official statement addressing the situation: “Due to the maintenance of the Aptos (APT) wallet system, we are suspending the Aptos (APT) deposit and withdrawal service. We will resume deposits and withdrawals once the maintenance is complete, and we will update the service resumption through this notice.”

Peeling back the layers: The scammers’ modus operandi

The cyber world, especially the vigilant South Korean cryptocurrency community, has been buzzing with speculations and revelations regarding the scam. Among those leading the charge is South Korean crypto specialist and TUNABOT co-founder, “Mingmingbbs.” This authority in the field has shed light on some crucial aspects of the breach.

The investigations helmed by Mingmingbbs suggest that the purported APT tokens were not, in reality, a product of the original Aptos Network. Instead, they were a deceptive token named “ClaimAPTGift.” The crux of the issue revolved around a system glitch within Upbit’s platform. It appears that the system faltered in its vetting process, thereby not discerning the varied coins being transferred, thus misidentifying all as genuine APT tokens.

Under standard operations, the system would validate specific conditions, such as ensuring that the tokens correlate with a particular type. In a fortunate turn of events, this massive breach did not escalate to even graver consequences. This was largely because the scammers’ token utilized a different decimal system, namely 6, in contrast to the authentic one which is 8. 

This decimal variance ensured users were safeguarded from potentially receiving a colossal $25,000 instead of a mere $250. Such an occurrence could have amplified the chaos and caused substantial turmoil in the financial realms of many. In an unexpected twist, despite the adverse incident, the market sentiment towards Aptos remains bullish. 


Investors appear to be undeterred by the news, propelling APT prices and dismissing the revelation as typical fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) tactics prevalent in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. As of the latest data, the Aptos token is witnessing an upward trajectory, with its price currently pegged at $5.42, marking an appreciable increase of over 5% in the last day alone. The Upbit incident serves as a timely reminder for exchanges worldwide about the perils lurking in the digital domain and underscores the ever-present need for heightened security measures.

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