Ubisoft teams up with blockchain distribution platform Ultra

Ubisoft, one of the big names in the video game industry, has partnered up with blockchain distribution platform Ultra.

The goal of this partnership is to allow Ubisoft to validate transactions on the Ultra blockchain.

The Ubisoft and Ultra partnership is going to be beneficial for both sides of the agreement. It is expected to result in benefits and new services for customers of both companies. 

Blockchain distribution platform

The way Ubisoft will aid Ultra’s activities is simple. The video game giant will serve as a block producer. This means that Ubisoft will provide the necessary structures in order for Ultra to successfully validate transactions.

In this case, the bulk of the transaction Ultra is expected to process are related to the gaming industry. These include the transfer of in-game assets between users, as well as the transfer of ownership of given items. Of course, Ultra will also be responsible for validating payment processes and confirmations. 

According to Ultra, this partnership is part of the company’s global efforts to build a bridge between blockchain technology and the gaming industry.

Project Launch

While the announcement of this joint project has pointed the spotlight towards Ultra, there is still limited information about the official launch of this blockchain network.

Currently, the preliminary information states that Ubisoft is going to start working on an Ultra testnet by the end of this year. However, an official launch for the public still hasn’t been announced.

Hopefully, this blockchain distribution platform will turn out to be a successful collaboration, as it will serve as an example of the way blockchain technology can enter the video game industry. 

Featured Image by Pixabay