Turkish Lira hits record low amid interest hike


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  • The Turkish Lira has plummeted to a new record low amid the interest hike by the country’s central bank.
  • Economic challenges and the shift in Turkey’s monetary policies.

The Turkish currency, the lira, has experienced a significant decline against the US dollar, reaching a record low of 25.74 lira per dollar. This drop comes just one day after the country’s central bank raised interest rates by 650 basis points to 15% on June 22. The lira depreciated by over 27% during the first half of 2023, reflecting the ongoing economic challenges faced by Turkey.

The lira lost 27% since the beginning of 2023

The decision by the central bank to increase interest rates was anticipated as a move away from President Tayyip Erdogan’s unconventional policies. However, according to analysts cited in a Reuters report, the rate hike fell short of expectations, which had predicted a 21% increase. Some experts believe that a more substantial rate hike would have been a stronger signal of the government’s commitment to combating inflation.

The devaluation of the lira in recent years, coupled with rising prices, has led many Turks to seek alternative assets for protection. Digital assets such as the stablecoin tether, as well as gold and the US dollar, have become popular choices. The scarcity of the dollar in the country further amplifies its appeal. Initially resistant to ending his unorthodox monetary policies, President Erdogan was seemingly compelled to take action due to Turkey’s deteriorating economic situation.

Before the interest rate hike to 15%, the central bank, now under the leadership of Governor Hafize Gaye Erkan, had indicated that rate adjustments would occur gradually. This approach was echoed by the newly appointed Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek. Goldman Sachs, in a recent note, suggested that the central bank had already initiated a phased adjustment of rates, starting with the 6.5% hike. The financial services giant characterized the transition as more gradual than initially anticipated.

Economic challenges and the shift in Turkey’s monetary policies

Since 2021, Turkey had maintained its interest rates at 8.5% despite soaring inflation rates. This policy drew widespread criticism, but President Erdogan repeatedly defended the decision, pledging to keep rates low for as long as he remained in power. However, shortly after winning the elections, the President approved a significant policy reversal, marking what some reports dubbed “the end of Erdoğanomics.”

The decision to increase interest rates aims to address the escalating inflation rate in Turkey. While critics argue that the rate hike falls short of what is required, it represents a step toward stabilizing the economy. The central bank’s new leadership, along with the country’s finance minister, has emphasized the need for gradual adjustments, indicating a more cautious approach.

The future trajectory of the Turkish economy remains uncertain, as it grapples with significant challenges. The lira’s record low against the US dollar underscores the urgency of implementing effective measures to restore stability. The willingness of the central bank to take action and the government’s acknowledgment of the economic crisis are essential steps in addressing the situation.

Turkey’s decision to raise interest rates by 650 basis points marks a significant shift in its monetary policies. The move comes as the lira experiences a record decline against the US dollar and the country grapples with high inflation. While some analysts argue that a more substantial rate hike was necessary, the gradual approach indicates a cautious transition. The future of Turkey’s economy hinges on effective measures to combat inflation and restore stability in the financial markets.

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