FATF calls for stronger regulation to combat money laundering


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  • The FATF has called for the need to strengthen regulations across the world to combat money laundering.
  • The upcoming report will highlight risks and call for instant action.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global money-laundering watchdog, has emphasized the need to address regulatory gaps in the compliance system for virtual assets. During its third plenary held in Paris, attended by over 200 delegates, the FATF assessed the level of adoption of its recommendations concerning virtual assets and virtual asset service providers (VASPs).

FATF wants regulatory agencies to tackle money laundering

Reports and evaluations indicate that a significant majority of jurisdictions represented at the plenary were either partially compliant or non-compliant with these recommendations. In a publication released after the plenary, the body expressed concern that many jurisdictions had yet to implement essential requirements. Additionally, more than half of the survey respondents had not taken any steps toward implementing the “travel rule,” a crucial requirement of the agency designed to prevent the transfer of funds to sanctioned individuals or entities.

The travel rule, part of the recommendations, entails the collection of the sender and recipient identities during transactions. Depending on a specified threshold, the agency suggests additional data requirements. This relatively new recommendation for VASPs aims to establish communication rules and cross-border data-sharing protocols within the cryptocurrency industry.

The FATF plenary highlighted the risks posed by non-compliance with these recommendations, as it creates opportunities for criminals to exploit regulatory loopholes. Closing these gaps in the compliance system was identified as an urgent priority. The FATF plans to publish a forthcoming report urging countries to implement its recommendations promptly, thus preventing criminals from taking advantage of these vulnerabilities.

The report, scheduled for publication on June 27, will also draw attention to the risks associated with North Korea’s activities and its utilization of virtual assets to finance its weapons of mass destruction program. Furthermore, it will address the risks linked to decentralized finance activities and peer-to-peer transactions.

Upcoming reports will highlight risks and call for instant action

In May, FATF President Raja Kumar called upon the countries of the Group of Seven (G7) to serve as leaders by implementing the FATF recommendations into their regulatory frameworks. The aim is to eliminate safe havens for illicit crypto transactions and set an example for other nations.

The FATF’s focus on strengthening regulations surrounding virtual assets reflects growing concerns about money laundering and illicit activities facilitated through the use of cryptocurrencies. By implementing robust compliance measures, jurisdictions can enhance their ability to detect and prevent illicit financial transactions.

Closing the regulatory gaps in the compliance system is crucial to ensuring the integrity of the global financial system. The FATF plays a vital role in setting international standards and promoting effective implementation of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing measures. As the use of virtual assets continues to evolve, countries must stay vigilant and adapt their regulatory frameworks accordingly. The upcoming report from the FATF will serve as a call to action for countries worldwide to prioritize the implementation of recommended measures. By doing so, they can bolster the fight against money laundering, enhance financial transparency, and foster greater trust in the growing virtual asset industry.

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