Nethermind has announced Starknet Grants Program

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  • Nethermind has announced a new grants program to further the progress of Starknet.
  • The $1 million initiative is aimed at builders and innovators.
  • The purpose of the initiative is to advance the Starknet ecosystem. 


Nethermind has taken the initiative to further its mission of bringing improvements to its system in order to serve its users. It has brought the Starknet Grants program to developers. The initiative is aimed at providing grants to those developers who can bring innovative, user-facing products to the ecosystem. The amount allocated for this purpose is about $1 million.  

About Nethermind Starknet Grants Program

Nethermind is an Ethereum execution client that is known for its high performance and can be run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It can be used to access on-chain data with high sync speeds. It uses a high-performance JSON-RPC interface and monitors node health with Grafana and Seq. 

It was founded in 2018 and received a grant from Ethereum for its robust performance and flexibility. It supports supports Clique, Aura, and Ethash. Thus, interested users can benefit from its high-quality services. 

In a recent Tweet, Nethermind Starknet has announced a $1 million grant pool. As stated in the tweet, the purpose of the program is to support applications and products in the mentioned ecosystem. Funds will be granted to innovators who aim at bringing products that are innovative and focused on users.

Furthermore, the ecosystem management team has ensured that developers are facilitated while working on products. Those participating in the grants program will be able to get expert guidance from the ecosystem’s developer team.

In addition, the participants will have access to the ecosystem and will also be considered for future funding programs. Also, the participants don’t need to worry about grants which will be given swiftly. 

If a developer has ideas that can be beneficial to users and the ecosystem, they can utilize this program. This program will help bring their ideas to life. The individual grants range from $50,000 to $250,000 which the developers can use to realize their prototypes.

The grant doesn’t bind the developers as the ecosystem management doesn’t believe in attaching strings to the program. The developers will also get recognition on the ecosystem while also getting exposure to potential grant-givers. 

Why use Starknet?

Starknet is a robust ecosystem that offers multiple benefits to the users. These include passionate users who can bring considerable revenue to the developers. Also, there is a huge amount of compute available, while the off-chain system is speedily maturing. 

There is also an opportunity for gamers on Starknet, while Cairo is used as the default language on the system. Account abstraction is also available on the system on default while the ecosystem also claims the possibility of everything on it. Thus, a developer can surround themselves with a range of good developers. 

They have shared a link on the tweet, asking developers to share ideas, raw concepts, or a rough POC. Also, the developers can share ideas if they are working on a current product. They will get a friendly environment filled with good vibes, resulting in awesome results. 

Aim of the Program

The aim of the program is to foster an environment of speedy development and realize the talent of budding developers. Expert developers are also expected to join the program as they will contribute to the development of the mentioned ecosystem. 

Interested developers can fill out the form where they can describe the idea in detail. They have to answer different questions related to the potential product. Once the form is filled out, they will be contacted by the Starknet team. 


Starknet has announced a grants program for talented developers. The grant will bring $1 million to interested developers and innovators. They will get individual grants from $50,000 to $250,000 based on their ideas. Interested developers can fill out the form and will be contacted by the Starknet developer team. 

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