Trezor adds Ethereum currencies after emerging from controversy

Trezor Wallet development makes devices that allow secure Bitcoin transactions and its team has recently decided to offer ETH and ETH Classic cryptocurrencies on its beta software. They announced on their blog that Trezor has no intentions to terminate alliances with third-party integrations like MyCrypto and MetaMask. MyCrypto is an open-source interface for using with the blockchain technology, and MetaMask is the bridge that enables the use of the classified networks that will play a prominent role in the future. It aims to make Ethereum user-friendly for a large variety of consumers.

Changelly, Coinswitch, and Shapeshift are platforms that are alliances with the company. Instruction on how to use the software include the selection of ETH or ETH Classic as the chief coin to be used. This will enable access into the beta software. The customers that use these third-party integrations will be given a sound and user-friendly experience. The application gives then a summary of their account balance and provides guidance for the selection of tokens. It also gives the ratio of running exchange rate and total account balance to a fiat currency chosen by the user.

Trezor is stepping into the crypto market and hopes to earn a reputable position in it, but like any other success aspiring company, it has a rival. Sony electronics is supposedly working on the development of a new and advanced hardware wallet as well.

In October of 2018, it was informed that a fraud Trezor wallet was on the go and it was programmed to withdraw funds from users by portraying itself as the original Trezor. The fraud application resembled the original one very accurately. Hence Trezor has advised its users to beware of such scams and frauds occurring using their name.