Towo Labs XRP wallet upgrades to cover Ledger and Trezor models

Towo Labs XRP wallet upgrades to cover Ledger and Trezor models

Towo Labs XRP wallet upgrades have been submitted and are awaiting review. Ripple has always welcomed new partners in its ecosystem and promote their blockchain achievements and milestones. XRP’s increasing sphere now includes many fintech firms and technology disruptors as well. Time and again, it has supported innovative blockchain startups, especially ones working on XRP related solutions that help make the digital asset more mainstream.

Towo Labs is one such promising name in the XRP innovation realm. It primarily works in the crypto custody realm allowing users to store their digital cash. It promotes secure self-custody instead of online or exchange-based custody solutions. Now, Towo Labs XRP wallet upgrades will come to the Trezor and Ledger line up by adding new features its Interledger systems to boost its security credentials further.

Towo Labs XRP wallet upgrades bring new code and security

The company has bought new code and solutions to the crypto storage realm promising a feature-rich solution to the clients. Markus Alvila, the CEO of Towo Labs, claims that his firm has made significant new contributions to the Trezor and Ledger XRP wallets. They have submitted the new developments to the XRP team for further review. Once permitted, the new security and management solutions in Ripple wallet upgrades will help investors safely store their cryptocurrencies.

Towo Labs XRP wallet upgrades will be able to support eighteen different cryptocurrency transactions through the XRP Ledger wallet. The new upgrades will be available on version 2 of the XRPToolKit in the next few months. They will certainly help increase the mainstream quotient of Ripple by helping increase the transaction security parameter.

Promoting self-custody through secure transactions

Hardware wallets are the top-tier crypto custody solutions. However, online storage and exchange-based custody are often touted better due to its ease-of-use. The new Towo Labs XRP wallet upgrades will address this issue by making self-custody easier.

Large investors, or crypt whales, certainly like to keep their crypto offline. Also, as the economic signals move downward, the trend for cold wallets will rise further.

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Gurpreet Thind

Gurpreet Thind

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