The most famous Bitcoin transaction of all time

The popularity and unprecedented growth of Bitcoin cannot be denied despite all the bad publicity it got during the past few years. It is true that Bitcoin did not get off to a great start and faced many challenges. However, the cryptocurrency found its place among the most successful and swiftly spreading technologies.

The first ever Bitcoin transaction happened on the 12th of January 2009, between Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney in which Nakamoto sent Finney a mere ten Bitcoins. Nakamoto is the mysterious founder of Bitcoin.

One of the most fascinating events regarding Bitcoin cryptocurrency took place when Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer by profession and Bitcoin enthusiast, purchased two pizzas for ten thousand Bitcoins, worth some twenty-five dollars at the time. Had he kept this amount, he would have been able to cash around seventy million dollars with the cryptocurrency market boom in 2017.

There are many Cryptomillionares today who purchase jets, cars, and property with Bitcoins but the first such huge transaction was made by a car enthusiast based in Florida, who in December 2013, bought a Tesla Model S in Bitcoins.

The largest transaction made using Bitcoin in 2013, was worth over one hundred and forty-nine million dollars, when the market value of a Bitcoin was equal to seven hundred and twenty-nine dollars. There is no evidence or information about what this transaction was in fact for, nor is it known where the receiver used the transferred Bitcoins.

The first transaction that took place between co-peers in space by Genesis mining, a Bitcoin cloud mining firm, left the world gob-smacked. This idea was coined as an outreach strategy, to promote Bitcoin throughout the world.

These are not the only interesting accounts of Bitcoin transactions that will go down as historical events and demonstrate just how astounding this digital currency technology is.