Tether disputes UN claims on USDT misuse in strong response

Tether Treasury initiates massive transfer of USDT tokens to BitfinexTether Treasury initiates massive transfer of USDT tokens to Bitfinex

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  • Tether has publicly refuted the United Nations’ allegations about the misuse of its stablecoin, USDT, in various illegal activities, including money laundering.
  • The UN report implicated USDT in criminal activities, particularly in Southeast Asia’s “pig butchering” scams.
  • Tether’s response emphasizes its ongoing collaboration with global law enforcement agencies like the DOJ, FBI, and USSS.

Tether, the prominent cryptocurrency platform, has publicly refuted recent allegations by the United Nations (UN) concerning the misuse of its stablecoin, USDT. The UN’s report had implicated USDT in a range of illicit activities, notably money laundering and the “pig butchering” scams prevalent in Southeast Asia. Tether’s rebuttal, issued on January 16, centers on its proactive stance against criminal activities and the inherent advantages of blockchain technology in combating such issues.

Tether’s collaboration with law enforcement

Tether’s response to the UN’s report highlights its ongoing cooperation with major global law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the United States Secret Service (USSS). According to Tether, this collaboration is a testament to its commitment to fighting financial crime and its proactive approach to assisting authorities. The company points out that, contrary to the UN’s claims, the nature of blockchain technology employed by Tether enhances the ability to track and prevent illegal activities.

The statement issued by Tether emphasizes the transparency of its blockchain network, which allows for detailed monitoring of transactions. This feature, Tether argues, gives it an edge over traditional financial systems in detecting and addressing illicit transactions. The company has noted its ability to freeze illegal transactions, a capability often impossible with traditional assets. By doing so, Tether has showcased its role in thwarting the misuse of its digital currency.

Tether’s defense also sheds light on the broader implications of blockchain technology in enhancing financial security and transparency. The company challenges the UN’s report for overlooking the traceability of Tether tokens, underscoring the proven record of collaboration with law enforcement to address criminal activities. Tether has highlighted its success in freezing over US$300 million in transactions in recent months, demonstrating its active role in combating the criminal use of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Tether has urged the UN to reconsider its stance and recognize the potential of blockchain technology in fighting financial crime. The company advocates for a more informed and collaborative approach toward understanding and utilizing the benefits of blockchain. Tether aims to foster a collective effort to tackle financial crimes in the digital era by inviting the UN for dialogue, emphasizing the need for modern strategies and comprehensive crypto regulations.

Tether’s stance on financial crime prevention

In addressing these allegations, Tether has reiterated its dedication to upholding transparency and accountability in digital currencies. The company’s invitation to the UN for a collaborative dialogue signifies its eagerness to address concerns and work together in mitigating financial crimes associated with digital assets. Tether’s stance reflects a broader industry trend toward embracing regulatory compliance and enhancing security.

This move by Tether also signals a growing awareness and responsibility among cryptocurrency platforms to engage actively in the fight against financial crime. By challenging the UN’s allegations and highlighting their efforts in assisting law enforcement, Tether aims to reshape the narrative around using stablecoins like USDT in illicit activities. The company’s stance is clear: blockchain technology, when used responsibly, can be a powerful tool against financial crime, not a facilitator of it.

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