Tether emerges as a tool in Southeast Asia money laundering

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  • The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has released a report highlighting the increasing use of Tether in illicit financial activities in Southeast Asia.
  • Tether has become a preferred tool for money launderers and fraudsters, especially evident in sophisticated financial crimes like the “pig butchering” scam.
  • Criminal networks are exploiting Tether for its fast and irreversible transactions, contributing to the rise of a parallel banking system.

In a recent development that has stirred concerns within the global financial community, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has released a report underlining the increasing use of Tether, a leading cryptocurrency platform, in illicit financial activities across Southeast Asia. The report sheds light on the growing prevalence of sophisticated financial crimes, particularly those involving cryptocurrencies like Tether.

Tether linked to growing financial crimes in Asia

The UNODC report highlights an alarming trend in the digital currency sphere, where Tether has become a favored tool for money launderers and fraudsters. This is especially evident in Southeast Asia, where criminal networks leverage Tether’s quick and irreversible transaction capabilities. The report points out the growing use of cryptocurrency in scams, notably the “pig butchering” scheme, where scammers form false romantic relationships to defraud victims.

Furthermore, the report reveals that these criminal activities are not limited to individual scams but extend to larger operations like high-speed money laundering. The UN emphasizes the role of Tether in these activities, noting its efficiency and the permanence of its transactions as key factors in its selection by criminals. This has resulted in the creating of a parallel banking system that operates outside the purview of traditional financial regulations and monitoring.

Another critical aspect the UN report focuses on is the inadequacy of current cryptocurrency regulations to keep pace with these evolving criminal activities. The report, backed by experts like Jeremy Douglas from the UNODC, highlights the significant lag in regulatory frameworks compared to the rapid development and use of cryptocurrencies in illicit activities. This gap is being exploited by organized crime groups, which find an easy and efficient means to conduct their operations in cryptocurrencies like Tether.

Erin West, a criminal prosecutor, echoes this concern, pointing out the attractiveness of Tether to criminal elements due to its non-reversible transactions. According to West, the inability to retract transactions once made poses significant challenges for law enforcement agencies in tracking and recovering illicit funds. Moreover, the report notes the use of online gambling platforms, particularly illegal ones, as a conduit for cryptocurrency-based money laundering.

The need for robust cryptocurrency regulations

The findings of the UN report underscore the urgency for comprehensive and effective cryptocurrency regulations. As Tether continues to be embroiled in controversies relating to financial crimes, the spotlight is now on the global regulatory community to respond swiftly. The report suggests that without robust regulatory measures, the proliferation of crypto-driven fraud and money laundering will continue to pose significant challenges to law enforcement and financial institutions.

The UNODC’s revelations have brought to the forefront the critical need for a coordinated international approach to regulating cryptocurrencies. This involves not only tightening

existing regulations, but also innovating new strategies to combat the unique challenges digital currencies pose. The report suggests that enhancing global cooperation and sharing of financial intelligence could be pivotal in this fight against cryptocurrency-fueled financial crimes.

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