Failed $15B XRP transaction reveals partial payments exploit attempt


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  • A $15 billion XRP transaction to Bitfinex failed due to an attempted exploit.
  • The attacker aimed to trick exchanges with partial payments but was unsuccessful.
  • Both Bitfinex and Binance thwarted the attacks, highlighting the importance of cryptocurrency security.

In a recent turn of events, an alleged transaction involving nearly $15 billion worth of XRP failed to materialize as intended, leading to revelations of a “Partial Payments Exploit” attempt. 

Bitfinex, one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, became the target of this thwarted attack. Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Technology Officer at Bitfinex, shed light on the incident, explaining that the attacker had anticipated the exchange’s software to be improperly configured for processing partial payments.

The unsuccessful $15B XRP transaction

On January 14, a transaction initially reported by the blockchain tracking account Whale Alert on Twitter created a significant stir in the cryptocurrency community. Whale Alert claimed to have observed a massive transfer of 25.6 billion XRP, nearly half of XRP’s total circulating supply, from an unidentified wallet to Bitfinex. 

However, Whale Alert later deleted the post, citing issues with accurately reading the response from the Ripple node, admitting to a mistake in its initial report.

Paolo Ardoino subsequently provided insight into the situation, revealing that Bitfinex had been targeted by an attacker attempting a “Partial Payments Exploit.” This type of exploit assumes that a company’s system is configured to read only the amount field of an XRP transaction, which is typically set to a high value. 

The exploiter then sends a significantly smaller amount specified in another transaction field to receive credit for the difference.

In this instance, the attacker believed that Bitfinex’s software was improperly configured and would process the partial payment incorrectly, thereby allowing them to profit from the transaction. However, Ardoino clarified that Bitfinex had thwarted the attempt due to the exchange’s proper handling of the “delivered_amount” data field.

Failed attack on Binance

Interestingly, the same attacker also targeted another major cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, with a transaction involving 58.9 billion XRP. Just like the attempt on Bitfinex, this attack on Binance was unsuccessful.

While both Bitfinex and Binance managed to fend off these exploit attempts, the incidents highlight the ever-present need for robust security measures within the cryptocurrency industry.

Exchanges must remain vigilant against various attack vectors and regularly update their systems to promptly address potential vulnerabilities.

The Partial Payments Exploit attempt serves as a reminder that malicious actors constantly seek ways to exploit cryptocurrency infrastructure weaknesses. Fortunately, the exchanges’ security protocols and configurations prevented any losses or unauthorized transfers in this case.

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