Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Faces Steep Discount on Steam Amidst Criticism


  • Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game faces a hefty Steam discount just a month post-release, hinting at low sales.
  • Suicide Squad lags behind Batman Arkham Games in player count despite sharing the same universe.
  • Warner Bros and Rocksteady encounter hurdles as they shift from single-player to live service with Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League, a highly anticipated triple-A game developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, has encountered a significant price drop on the Steam platform merely a month after its release. Originally priced at $70, the game is now available at a 40% discount, reflecting what some consider disappointing sales figures.

Discount reflects the market response

The steep discount on Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, shortly after its launch, raises eyebrows within the gaming community. Such rapid price reductions are unusual for big-budget triple-A titles, indicating a potential mismatch between market expectations and the game’s performance. Warner Bros’ decision to slash prices may signify an effort to stimulate interest and bolster player engagement before the upcoming content release.

Despite Warner Bros’ push into the live service genre with Suicide Squad, the game has faced challenges in attracting and retaining players. Reports suggest that the game’s player count on Steam has dwindled, with comparisons drawn to Rocksteady’s previous single-player titles, such as the acclaimed Batman Arkham series. Suicide Squad’s struggle to compete with its predecessors in terms of player engagement and critical acclaim underscores the difficulties inherent in transitioning from a beloved single-player franchise to a live service model.

Implications for Warner Bros and rocksteady

The underperformance of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League poses significant implications for both Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios. Despite being set in the same universe as the iconic Batman Arkham series, Suicide Squad has failed to capture the same level of enthusiasm from players. Warner Bros’ characterization of the game as a “disappointment” highlights the company’s acknowledgment of the challenges faced in the live service market and the need for strategic adjustments moving forward. Meanwhile, Rocksteady, renowned for its expertise in crafting immersive single-player experiences, faces the task of reconciling its established fan base with the demands of the live service genre.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s rapid price reduction on Steam underscores the challenges Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios faced in navigating the competitive landscape of the gaming industry. As the game prepares to introduce new content in Season 1, including the highly anticipated playable character, Joker, its success hinges on its ability to regain momentum and appeal to a broader audience. 

However, the road ahead remains uncertain, with the game’s performance serving as a sobering reminder of the complexities inherent in merging beloved franchises with evolving gaming trends. As stakeholders closely monitor the game’s trajectory, its fate may offer valuable insights into the future of live service games and the strategies required to thrive in an ever-changing market landscape.

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