Helldivers 2: Democracy Condemns Terminids As its Enemy

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  • In the next operation, Helldivers is assigned the task of annihilating 2 billion Terminids in six days, aiming to achieve the goal as fast as possible after initial victories over Automatons.
  • Smart weapon/armor loadout optimization should be done as Huddlers are organized to be ready for warfare against the insectoids that pose an immediate danger to galactic democracy.
  • After all, more than two billion terminals can be cut, but this does not keep hardened hell dive oversights who have high skills in their group.

Around a month after the battle with the humanoid robot Automaton, the Helldivers are now focusing on a new objective – the terminator insect of the Terminid army. Super Earth, the governing body overseeing Helldivers operations, has issued a new Major Order with a staggering objective: wipe out 2 billion Terminids before day six.

The Terminid purge begins

With Helldivers’ resented democratic ideals, the battle for independence has taken a different approach: the struggle of the Terminids to avoid being caught in the middle. However, the Order’s target of 2 billion casualties might be out of proportion as much has happened in the short time but the Helldivers have succeeded in forging a significant way ahead.

Based on statements, Major Order being launched brought along 76,620,418 of the 3.8% total objective within two hours only! This initial achievement is particularly noteworthy when we take into account the fact that there were as little as only 88,000 Helldivers online at that time – a small percentage of the total number of typical 200,000 individual players we can usually witness during the busiest times of the day.

A calculated offensive

The fact that the Helldivers, due to their excellent combat and strategic planning, are far ahead of the Terminids is a reflection of their combat proficiency and strategies. Despite this, during an escalating offensive, the reason for the optimized loadouts becomes the most important issue. The experts, that is Helldiver veterans, have started to counsel their colleagues on the necessity to contact those professionals who have put together a list of the most efficient guns and amor for the game.

“For this, we advise mostly our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide where you will find comprehensive information on how to put together your ideal loadout to annihilate the Terminids,” says the commanding Helldiver officer.

A hateful and but inescapable struggle

The populace may doubt the significance of this confiscation, but the Helldivers’ ultimate justification comes from the cornerstones of democracy and the stability of the galaxy. The Terminids have been more tolerant now than before, but they have an established track record of aggression and subjugation of other races in their conquest of territory.

“‘Helldivers Supermajesty has decided to enact the project to counterbalance the equilibrium of power in the galaxy’,” stated a representative of the organization. ” The Terminids are not only expanding unchecked but also subdue other races prime threat to democracy of liberty we fight for.”

An Achievable Hard Target

That headquarters, though, hardly causes issues for Earth as the Captain tells the Helldivers to swiftly remove themselves and save the situation in only six days. This opinion was shared by some of the leading politicians who considered that it may not be that hard for some diabetes battlers to survive several skirmishes.

“I mean, with over 10 billion terminal to get a taste of your revolution, you must ensure that your shift scouts are well placed within democratic structures,” announced the spokesperson. “Zuper Earth is heading in the right direction. But I don’t think he will be able to come up with something to carry the story if his opponent was non-fighting or non-combatant.”

Lastly, the galaxy-ready Demon Hunters, who are dead meat without blood, and the Order Keepers who have their daily ration food pack and people. It however remains a mystery whether the movement of anti-democracy forces will last long and when this movement will give fruits to the causes it has set.

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