Niantic’s “Pokémon Go” Update Sparks Backlash Over Trainer Avatars


  • Due to the recent “Pokémon Go” version, Niantic has chosen to let the players select among different avatar options. 
  • A mild way to deal with the case is to let the old purchases be refunded if the problem is not yet resolved.
  • As for developers, the primary needs are an order of categorization to give users feedback in an orderly fashion and let users communicate their requirements.

The Niantic, the company that brought into existence the largest AR (Augmented Reality) game called “Pokémon Go,” introduces a new concept, further improving users’ involvement in visual layouts. It is the other part of debaters who say that the update is like when a VHS tape uses pressure on its record to erase what was on it, and then it re-records it, making it lose how it is supposed to look.

Player outrage over “ugly” avatar designs

The choice of adding this establishment, which was directed towards providing the players with an opportunity to store and save their game characters along with customization options, such as avatars’ body size, hairstyle, etc., continued to make the players troll the developers to a certain extent for its poor implementation. 

Celebrity players of newly welcomed teams will not fail to disclose their thoughts, pleasant or otherwise, through their social media accounts. They have said that such creatures are not just the series alien but possess specific physical features that differ from the narrator. The length of his arms, different from his other body parts, is the perfect example.

The belonging concept of Niantic within the game context reflects reality since you can choose characters from specific genders, ethnicities, and body types, which is a commendable effort. However, no one can say enough about the performance. It has left a deep scar on everyone. Virtual embodiment, in the case of avatars, just like the real person/character, is analyzed hereunder. This arm that was long and out of proportion with my avatar, limp hands, or the occurrence of the wrong skin tones instead of a real face was the biggest flaw of the Chatbot.

Besides that, a few League players experienced cosmetic glitches and incomplete emotes bought with actual money, which is the truth. These sportspersons have realized that the outcome is beyond their power and aptitude. They no longer have their security undermined, not in the ordinary meaning of the term, but experience the loss of part of their strategy, which means miscarriages of plans and objectives that promise them future growth (because, after all, they grow every day).

A call for reversion and rectification

This is the first time recently that the trend has been seen opposite to the gaming one, which both games are far from. After a while, the players start requesting that the creative team revert to the days of the current changes, at least until they adopt the rebalancing on their own. Not surprisingly, this chapter visually reveals the newest débâcle with a superhero movie version that is clearer than before and after redrawing the character.

First, the negative stuff happens daily, and it will take different critics to show which crew member is not performing his task. However, the company owner still gave no statement and declined to interview on this topic. Although the major defect of this game that most people will complain about is the general poor game experience, they will also expect the developers to remedy it and make that game mode disappear. Also, it should be noted that many similar problem statements among players need an answer to their issues.

A lesson in prioritizing user experience

During -way into the situation of the “Pokémon Go” dealer legend that was created, the game designers must be very careful there. One of its advantages is that it caged maximum stress and allowed the developer to care for and enjoy user experience and community gaming. The primary problem, and likely in the unforeseeable future, is the need to produce and maintain equality and representation, among others. Success in this will require strategic planning. On the other hand, however, the battle of interests between sportspersons and the authorities can adversely affect the performance of sportspersons.

With a glimpse of Niantic’s response to lawsuits in such litigations, we may see how the “Pokémon Go” is resolved when players bring any legal claims. However, one thing is clear: such a game-changing redesign (from costuming) has enormous impacts on those deeply concerned with this issue and whose heart screams are the virtual personifications of their followers by those highly interested in this fast-growing movement.

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