Pokemon Go March 2024 Field Research Tasks and Rewards Revealed


  • March 2024 Pokemon Go Field Research offers various tasks for rewards like rare encounters and Mega Energy.
  • Trainers can complete tasks involving buddies, battling, hatching eggs, and fostering friendships for additional rewards.
  • Daily tasks lead to a Research Breakthrough, granting encounters with the elusive Pokemon and making March exciting for players.

Pokemon Go enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the latest Field Research tasks and rewards as March unfolds. These tasks offer players exciting opportunities to expand their Pokedex and earn valuable rewards. This comprehensive guide unveils the March 2024 Field Research tasks and rewards, ensuring trainers are well-equipped to embark on their Pokemon Go adventures.

Catching tasks and rewards

The Catching tasks present various challenges for trainers to capture elusive Pokemon species. Players can seize encounters with sought-after creatures such as Rattata, Magikarp, and Bronzor. 

Additionally, catching specific types of Pokemon, like Psychic or Grass types, offers unique rewards, including Mega Energy for Venusaur and Charizard. Weather-boosted Pokemon and Dragon types also appear, providing trainers with diverse opportunities to bolster their collections.

Throwing tasks and rewards

Throwing tasks test trainers’ precision and accuracy in capturing Pokemon. From making Excellent throws to scoring Great Curveball throws in succession, players can earn encounters with elusive Pokemon like Gible and Larvitar. These tasks enhance players’ throwing skills and offer the chance to add rare Pokemon to their teams, fostering a sense of accomplishment and progression in the game.

Beyond catching and throwing, Field Research encompasses various activities, including tasks involving buddies, battling, hatching eggs, and fostering friendships. Trainers can earn candies by walking with their buddies, winning raids, or trading Pokemon with friends. Battling tasks offer opportunities to face formidable opponents in raids and Go Battle League battles, with rewards ranging from Mega Energy to encounters with rare Pokemon. 

Egg-hatching tasks encourage exploration and perseverance, rewarding players with encounters with Pokemon like Sudowoodo and Sneasel. Friendship tasks promote camaraderie among trainers, emphasizing the game’s social aspect through trading and gifting mechanics.

Research breakthrough and miscellaneous tasks

Completing Field Research tasks daily culminates in a Research Breakthrough, granting trainers encounters with elusive Pokemon such as Furfrou and Sandygast. Additionally, miscellaneous tasks, including snapshotting wild Pokemon and purifying Shadow Pokemon, offer additional opportunities for trainers to engage with the game and earn rewards.

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