Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Falls Short of Expectations


  • Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game disappoints with repetitive gameplay and lackluster design.
  • Combat mechanics feel unpolished and overwhelmed by convoluted systems.
  • Missed opportunities and lack of innovation hinder Suicide Squad’s potential.

Rocksteady Studios’ latest release, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, has garnered mixed reviews from both critics and players alike. Despite the ambitious premise of assassinating iconic DC Comics heroes, the game fails to deliver on its potential, ultimately succumbing to a lack of focus and refinement.

Critics highlight several key issues plaguing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, including repetitive gameplay, uninspired level design, and convoluted mechanics. The open-world Metropolis feels empty and devoid of meaningful content, with players tasked with completing mundane checklist challenges in a monotonous environment. The cooperative framework, while promising in theory, results in a homogenized approach to gameplay that stifles individual character traits.

Unpolished combat and overwrought systems

Combat mechanics suffer from a lack of polish and clarity, with the game’s myriad systems feeling disjointed and overwhelming. Despite attempts to incorporate elements from the acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy, such as combo and counter systems, Suicide Squad fails to execute them cohesively. The user interface struggles to communicate essential information, exacerbating the already cumbersome experience of navigating through repetitive encounters and unintelligent enemies.

Rocksteady’s decision to split its attention across four playable villains—Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, King Shark, and Harley Quinn—ultimately dilutes the individuality of each character. While the game excels in bringing these characters to life through well-crafted cutscenes and performances, the disconnect between narrative and gameplay diminishes their impact. Moreover, the game’s failure to capitalize on its characters and innovate within the superhero genre further compounds its shortcomings.

A promising concept hindered by execution

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League falls short of expectations, failing to deliver a compelling gameplay experience despite its ambitious premise. While the game may offer some enjoyment in cooperative play or short bursts of solo exploration, it ultimately lacks the focus and refinement that defined Rocksteady’s previous successes. As players navigate through its disjointed mechanics and uninspired design, it becomes evident that Suicide Squad fails to live up to the legacy of the Batman:

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