Singtel Partners with NVIDIA to Propel Southeast Asia’s AI Advancements


  • Singtel and NVIDIA unite to boost AI in Southeast Asia, creating data centers with powerful GPUs.
  • Singtel aims to build localized AI models and support Singapore’s national AI strategy.
  • The collaboration emphasizes sustainability, data sovereignty, and AI innovation for businesses.

Singtel, a leading communications services provider based in Singapore, is set to bolster artificial intelligence (AI) advancement across Southeast Asia through its partnership with NVIDIA, a renowned AI technology company. The collaboration between Singtel and NVIDIA is poised to revolutionize AI services in the region, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, privacy, and performance.

Singapore’s Singtel is making significant strides in AI, with its latest move focused on expanding the reach of AI services across Southeast Asia. The company has joined forces with NVIDIA to deploy AI technology that will have far-reaching implications for the region’s businesses, startups, universities, and governments.

Singtel’s vision involves the creation of energy-efficient data centers powered by NVIDIA Hopper architecture GPUs. These data centers will serve as sovereign national resources capable of processing diverse datasets securely onshore. This initiative will enable the generation of valuable insights, fostering innovation across various sectors.

The first wave of Singtel’s AI services is set to debut in Singapore, with plans to establish similar data centers in Indonesia and Thailand. Singtel’s strategic location in Singapore is a central hub for operations from Australia to India, positioning it as a key player in Southeast Asia’s AI landscape.

Generative AI a transformative force

Singtel’s ambitious endeavor focuses on generative AI, considered one of the most transformative technologies of our era. By creating large language models tailored to local dialects, cultures, and practices, Singtel aims to empower Southeast Asia’s diverse communities. This approach aligns with Singapore’s national AI strategy, providing its citizens with the latest technology and expanding the country’s talent pool in machine learning.

Singtel is taking a proactive approach to sustainability in its AI initiatives. The company’s new data centers are designed with eco-friendly principles, including sustainable materials and efficient liquid cooling techniques. These efforts result in an impressive power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric of less than 1.3, showcasing Singtel’s dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint.

Singtel plans to use its Paragon software platform to orchestrate AI applications seamlessly with its mobile and broadband services. This integration will unlock the potential for edge computing services, facilitating the operation of robots and autonomous systems powered by cloud-based AI models.

NVIDIA AI enterprise and cloud partnership

In addition to its hardware infrastructure, Singtel will offer its customers access to NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a comprehensive software platform for developing and deploying AI applications, including generative AI. Furthermore, Singtel will serve as an NVIDIA Cloud Partner, ensuring optimized AI services on the NVIDIA platform. This partnership guarantees users access to cutting-edge AI technology tailored for optimal performance.

Singtel’s previous ventures into AI have already yielded promising results. In 2021, the company showcased a digital avatar created using the NVIDIA Omniverse and NVIDIA NeMo platforms, allowing users to interact with it over its 5G network. Additionally, Singtel delivered GPU services as part of a successful testbed for local government agencies. These achievements underscore Singtel’s expertise and commitment to advancing AI technologies.

Singtel joins the ranks of pioneering telecommunications providers in countries like France, India, Italy, and Switzerland, establishing AI factories to deliver generative AI services while safeguarding data sovereignty. The synergy between Singtel and NVIDIA represents a significant step forward in democratizing AI and fostering AI-driven innovation across Southeast Asia.

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