Heart Failure 2024 Congress Set to Address Gender Disparities and AI Integration in Cardiac Care

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  • Heart Failure 2024 addresses treatment disparities between men and women.
  • AI is set to transform the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.
  • Digital health tools promote medication adherence and access.

A Heart Failure 2024 Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) conference will be held from May 11 to 14 at the Lisbon Congress Centre and via an online format. The primary goal of the conference is to emphasize the state-of-the-art research findings and therapy implementation around heart failure that address both AI and the importance of remedying the ongoing injustice that exists in the treatment of women.

Addressing heart failure in women

The widespread belief that heart failure is gendered because it affects as many women as it does men, treatment inequalities among patients exist.  Dr. Brenda Moura, chairperson of the committee, urged for a growing awareness of the aspect of why women with heart failure may be neglected in providing complete treatment as they continue to recover, compared to men. Conference Heart Failure 2024 will be diving into the issue of sex-specific therapy in women patients, reaching the important implication that healthcare providers may have to rethink their approaches in women’s and men’s care.

AI’s role in heart failure management becomes more and more evident, given the fact that it appears to have such great potential capacity in diagnosis, risk prediction, and treatment optimization. Another co-chairperson of the congress and Prof Filippatos carried out the research and pilot projects on integrating AI tools at point care settings. The coming congress will not only show how these technologies are being designed but also how these technologies can help provide faster diagnosis and personal treatment plans to many patients.

Digital health and Patient Involvement

This digital technology makes it possible to see the future of diseases, especially heart failure, and how they can be treated in long-term care facilities. These devices support overall medication adherence and evenly distribute access to healthcare services. Dr. Moura also stressed the vital importance of self-management of heart failure conditions and the active role of patients in it.  The congress will encompass discussions about the involvement of patients in investigating strategies that would keep patients aware so that they can have a better chance of adhering to the treatment protocols and thus have better health outcomes.

Additionally, this event will illuminate the significance of community-based screenings as a means of preventing hospital admissions, which often lead to substantial declines in quality of life and lessen patients’ survival rates. Rather than long waiting times in clinical offices, patients need to be prioritized with early diagnosis and treatment initiation in the community setting so that the oval burden of heart failure can be reduced. 

Groundbreaking research and global collaboration

The anticipated attendance for Heart Failure 2024 will include healthcare workers and researchers from everywhere. Over 80 scientific conferences and a display of almost 1,600 scientific papers will be held. The exposition will probably introduce cutting-edge studies, with eight late-breaking science sessions focusing on managing heart failure from primary care, such as how to control it, to advanced treatment options.

With the rapid advance of cardiology and the future of Heart Failure in 2024, the cardiologist attends the forum as valuable as it is necessary to come together to discuss the innovations in research and to share solutions with the international community. This congress serves not only as a station but also as a bridge for experts and professionals in different fields. It is also a platform where they can share and rebuild heart failure management ideas together.

The invitation is open to all professionals from the park areas so they can attend, as space occupied by both physical and virtual attendees will be filled up quickly. The press can register firsthand and have access to media releases directly for the special event. By doing so, they will be sure that all corroborations and announcements of the congress are documented.

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