Nvidia CEO Meets TSMC Counterpart to Address AI Chip Supply Constraints


  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang met with TSMC’s CEO in Taipei to tackle AI chip supply issues, which is crucial for AI development.
  • Both companies are leaders in AI technology, with Nvidia’s market value surging and TSMC benefiting from the AI boom.
  • Huang emphasized Taiwan’s vital role in the computer industry and its importance in shaping the future of computing.

In a pivotal meeting held in Taipei, Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, sat down with C.C. Wei, the CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), to discuss the pressing issue of artificial-intelligence (AI) chip supply constraints. This meeting reflects the urgency and significance of tackling this challenge, which has become a major impediment to the ongoing AI boom.

The AI industry, which saw remarkable growth in 2023, has been hampered by shortages in AI chips, critical components in developing generative AI training systems. Nvidia has cemented its position as a leader in AI development, largely due to its advanced AI chips. TSMC, as the producer of these chips, plays a crucial role in enabling Nvidia’s technologies to power the majority of generative AI training systems worldwide.

Morris Chang, the founder of TSMC, joined the discussions, emphasizing the significance of this collaboration between the world’s two most valuable chip companies.

Challenges and future prospects

The meeting took place as Nvidia faces challenges in exporting its highest-end chips to mainland China, reflecting broader geopolitical tensions. While the details of Huang’s recent visit to China remain undisclosed, his emphasis on Taiwan’s importance in Nvidia’s business and the semiconductor sector as a whole is notable.

Huang acknowledged the primary challenge in the AI industry, which is scaling the capacity of AI. He commended the hard work of TSMC and its supply chain partners to meet the soaring demand for AI chips, hinting at the industry’s expectations for a significant year ahead.

However, Huang refrained from commenting on Nvidia’s China business. He has previously cautioned against escalating US sanctions, which aim to restrict the flow of AI training chips to China, potentially driving local firms to develop their alternatives. Such a scenario could pose a long-term challenge for American tech leaders.

Nvidia’s market value skyrocketed in 2023, largely attributed to its pivotal role in AI development. Investors continue to show confidence in the company, with its stock experiencing a 24% increase this year, underscoring its leadership in the sector. Nvidia has also taken steps to design semiconductors compliant with US restrictions for the Chinese market.

TSMC, born in Taiwan, is also benefiting significantly from the AI boom. The company has projected potential rises in capital spending and robust revenue growth, contributing to a broader stock rally within the semiconductor industry.

Taiwan’s vital role

Jensen Huang expressed his admiration for Taiwan’s critical role in the computer and semiconductor industry, describing it as a “rebirth of the computer industry.” He stressed that TSMC and the broader Taiwanese ecosystem of system makers would actively participate in shaping the new era of computing.

The meeting between Jensen Huang and C.C. Wei in Taipei is a significant step in addressing the AI chip supply constraints that have hindered the industry’s growth. With both Nvidia and TSMC playing pivotal roles in the AI ecosystem, their collaboration and efforts to overcome challenges are essential for the continued advancement of AI technologies.

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