Singaporean accelerator and Consensys for blockchain adoption in the region

Tribe Accelerator is Singapore’s first state-backed blockchain accelerator that provides a suitable platform to startups that require it. The firm has now signed a partnership with ConsenSys to take steps in order to improve the crypto sphere as well as increase blockchain adoption across the country.

ConsenSys is a global company that specializes in developing infrastructure and the necessary tools required by a blockchain network in order to function. In a recent statement official from the company stated that the firm hopes to increase blockchain adoptions in both Singapore and the ASEAN countries and that the Tribe is a viable partner for the job.

ConsenSys is one of the world’s leaders in blockchain advisory, developing techniques and application knowledge that drives today’s blockchain technology and thrives to make it grow. The company has previously collaborated with various companies and agencies to derive outstanding results including the project Ubin under the sponsorship of Singapore’s Monetary Authority.

This time the collaboration will focus upon the trade of suitable and required data, technology, knowledge, and infrastructure. ConsenSys will focus upon guiding the accelerator program and advisory meetings while Tribe will focus on partnerships that will increase the reach and influence of the project.

Initially, the objective is set at helping start-ups by providing them with small scale solutions that possess applications for daily use while influencing the person’s way of life.

Tribe stated that the industries are moving towards more digitalized networks and in such cases, ConsenSys can prove a beneficial partner in increasing blockchain awareness across Asia.