Shanghai commences integration of Blockchain smart city

It was announced on 11th March 2019, that the government of Yangpu, a district in Shanghai- China, was set to establish a strategic partnership with a non-profit organization in Berlin, the MXC Foundation for the deployment of a smart city following IoT standards.

This agreement is a strategy by the Chinese State Council for developing an innovative technology-driven society and involves collecting and analyzing data for the development of the smart city.

As expressed by the Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Shanghai, this collaboration is focused on designing and constructing smart cities with one of the major goals being the growth of the IoT industry. He further went on to add that this partnership is expected to improve the lifestyle of the citizens of Shanghai.

The foundation is set to help the Yangpu district of Shanghai in deploying a low power wide area network (LPWAN) protocol, which has the ability to provide wireless services to devices based on IoT within this district.

The information that is collected by the network will be based on the interchain data market by MXC, ensuring reliability, credibility and authenticity while providing a thorough analysis of the data owned by the city.

Co-founder of MXC, Aaron Wagener said in an interview, that development of Smart cities is not just a dream anymore, not a mere buzzword, but something that can be planned and built into reality.

He expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with the government of Shanghai, providing the citizens with something worth great value.