Enjin set to gamify charities through Blockchain

Enjin, an IT firm that develops and administers internet games has decided to gamify charitable donations through blockchain technology. The company is the parent to the Enjin Coin (ENJ) and through a partnership with the SENS research foundation (SRF), the firm will be participating in a charity for age-related diseases.

The aim is to attract donors by giving them rewards on the Enjin platform. When a user donates on the platform, he/she will receive a collectible token representing the donation.

The use of blockchain technology and the token will allow donors to be certain that their donations reached the right person.

In the initial pilot platform, the tokens may be used to fund the research or other needs of the organization. The tokens can be collected in groups and can be traded between each other while collecting specific sets will earn further rewards.

Moreover, the company plans that as more games are added on the platform the reward may be used for in-game items. These items may give special perks and advantages to the player. The platform currently has more than 30 games in development.

An official from SRF elaborated on the work done by the foundation and stated the staff works to assist old people by curing crippling diseases. He then added that any and all work was done by the foundation directly depends on the financial input put through by active donors and other partners.

In a press release, the foundation revealed that one of Ethereum’s founders donated around $2.4 million in Ether.