U.S Marshals Service to partner for crypto asset storage and disposal

Even though cryptocurrencies advertise the security they provide many cryptocurrencies have tuned out as frauds. More often many secure and robust cryptocurrencies have been involved in cases where one or more clients faced a breach. In the following investigations, crypto assets are often confiscated, although a method of their disposal is yet to be approved.

The United States Marshals Service (USMS) plans on finding a suitable partner for the storage and disposal of confiscated digital resources. The service has posted a request for data on FedBizOpps.

The service is currently searching for a partner that can manage the resources while also providing robust security. The service hopes to increase the efficiency of digital finance.

The partner should be able to provide all sorts of crypto-related services including asset administration, customer interaction, dealing with blockchain forks, and the transformation of different assets into coin assets. Such a partner also needs to adapt to needs and requirements that may arise in the future.

As the main objective is the management of assets under investigations the provider must be able to provide an isolated wallet. Moreover, the services should be flexible for any and all kinds of crypto assets.

After the investigation, the assets need to be dealt with therefore the provider must be able to exchange the digital assets into fiat currencies. Moreover, in cases, USMS has to transfer the money back to the original owner the provider must be able to do so too. As of yet no developments have been made to the request.