Securitize registered with SEC according to recent announcement.

Securitize registered with SEC according to a recent announcement.

Securitize is a protocol and platform for the issuing and management of compliant digital securities on blockchain technology. Now with SEC certification, the platform enables users to trade digital securities on SEC-certified alternative trading system (ATS) platforms.

The registration has made Securitize the first and only SEC-registered transfer agent with a working blockchain protocol. The registration also allows the platform to act as a middle-man between companies and the SEC.

Furthermore, it allows issuers of other certifications like Reg A+, etc. who wish to protect their digital securities from fundamental registration requirements of Section 12(g) of Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Moreover, as a middle-man, the platform is able to record all data about investors, including their activities that may be necessary for the issuing of required certification. These may include payment of dividends and share buybacks.

Furthermore, Securitize’s transfer verification tool (TVT) enables users to pre-examine the transfer of any digital security assets.

Securitize is one of a kind blockchain platform that enables users to trade digital securities through a traceable platform that keeps the record for a lifecycle of security compliance. This platform provides incredibly fast transactions across various certified marketplaces. Through this, the time consumption for trades is reduced drastically.

Securitize: CEO’s View

Co-Founder and CEO of Securitize stated that Securitize consistently provides excellent services through their commitment. Moreover, he then added that acquiring SEC certification is the next step in their struggle for digitalizing all securities. He then stated that this allows security issuers to utilize the efficiency of digital ledger technology (DLT).

This news was released after Securitize announced the 10th digital security operating on its platform.

You can view Securitize’s website here.