Gold guru Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin u-turn: From critic to regretful observer


  • Schiff’s regret highlights Bitcoin’s missed potential.
  • Gold vs. Bitcoin: ongoing debate in investment circles.
  • Bitcoin’s rise challenges traditional investment wisdom.

Renowned gold proponent Peter Schiff, known for his vocal criticisms of Bitcoin, has recently admitted to regretting not investing in the cryptocurrency when it was in its infancy. Schiff, who once labeled Bitcoin as a “pure ponzi,” now acknowledges that he missed out on a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Schiff’s Bitcoin regrets missed opportunity and continued skepticism

In a recent interview on Impact Theory with Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal, Schiff disclosed that he had the chance to invest in Bitcoin back in 2010 when it was valued at a mere $1. However, he opted against it, deeming the potential investment as “ridiculous.” 

Reflecting on this decision, Schiff expressed remorse, stating that he wished he had thrown a substantial sum into Bitcoin at the time.

Schiff’s hypothetical scenario speculates that had he invested, he could have amassed significant wealth, potentially amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Despite this acknowledgment, 

Schiff maintains that he remains skeptical of Bitcoin’s fundamentals and would have kept quiet about his investment, attributing any potential success to the “dumb” decisions of others.

Despite his admission of regret, Schiff’s stance on Bitcoin remains largely unchanged. He continues to criticize the cryptocurrency, referring to it as a “fools’ investment” and reiterating his belief that Bitcoin lacks underlying value. 

Schiff’s skepticism extends to the notion that Bitcoin’s demand is solely predicated on the belief of selling it at a higher price to others.

Moreover, Schiff warns of the risks associated with investing in Bitcoin, cautioning that investors may struggle to liquidate their holdings during periods of significant price volatility. Despite Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in recent years, Schiff remains steadfast in his conviction that gold holds more intrinsic value.

Bitcoin vs. Gold market perspective

Schiff’s ongoing skepticism towards Bitcoin is juxtaposed against the cryptocurrency’s increasing prominence in the financial landscape. Bitcoin, often touted as “digital gold,” has emerged as a formidable asset class, with its market capitalization now ranking it as the eighth largest asset by value, trailing only behind gold, select U.S. tech stocks, and Saudi Aramco.

However, despite Bitcoin’s impressive growth, Schiff highlights that gold has historically outperformed Bitcoin since the beginning of 2010. While gold has seen a substantial increase of 91.8%, it has been overshadowed by the performance of index funds such as State Street’s Standard & Poor’s 500 ETF (SPY), which surged by 350% over the same timeframe.

Peter Schiff’s admission of regret regarding his decision to overlook Bitcoin’s potential serves as a testament to the cryptocurrency’s enduring relevance in the financial markets. Despite his acknowledgment of a missed opportunity, Schiff maintains his skepticism towards Bitcoin’s intrinsic value, preferring the tangible qualities of gold.

As Bitcoin continues to gain traction as a digital store of value, the debate between traditional assets like gold and emerging cryptocurrencies is likely to persist. 

While Schiff’s sentiments echo the sentiments of many traditionalists, Bitcoin’s resilience and market performance challenge conventional perceptions, underscoring the evolving nature of the global financial landscape.

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