Peter Schiff calls for balanced coverage between Gold and Bitcoin


  • Peter Schiff accuses CNBC of focusing too much on Bitcoin, neglecting significant gold market developments.
  • Gold prices reached a two-month-high, nearly surging 1.5% due to weak U.S. factory data and consumer sentiment.
  • The spot price of gold approached its record high in December 2023, indicating a potential for future growth.

Peter Schiff, a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies, accused CNBC of disproportionately focusing on Bitcoin and its newly introduced exchange-traded funds (ETFs), while neglecting significant developments in the gold market. Schiff highlighted that CNBC failed to adequately cover a substantial $43 increase in gold prices and the record-high performance of the gold ETF, GLD. According to Schiff, this oversight is emblematic of a larger issue within financial journalism, where the allure of cryptocurrencies often overshadows traditional assets like gold.

The criticism comes against the backdrop of gold prices reaching a two-month peak, surging nearly 1.5% due to disappointing U.S. factory data and declining consumer sentiment. These factors have fueled speculation that the Federal Reserve may cut interest rates to bolster the economy. The spot price of gold escalated to $2,075.03 per ounce, approaching the record high set in December 2023. This rally was further supported by a decline in Treasury yields, marking gold’s most significant intraday increase since mid-January.

Peter Schiff highlights bullish trends for Gold investments

Gold’s recent price rally can be attributed to growing expectations that the Federal Reserve might reduce borrowing costs in response to economic indicators. This speculation has decreased Treasury yields and contributed to gold’s significant intraday price rise.

Peter Schiff’s observations on the X social media platform underscored the bullish signals for gold, noting that the GLD ETF reached a new record high despite experiencing nine consecutive weeks of outflows. This trend suggests a transition from “dumb money” to “smart money” in the market, indicating a deeper understanding and recognition of gold’s value and potential for growth among investors.

Furthermore, Schiff pointed out a disparity between the solid fundamentals supporting gold’s value and the lukewarm sentiment towards gold mining stocks. He noted that the world’s largest gold mining company, NEM, hit a five-year low in stock price even as gold prices soared. This contradiction highlights the enduring value of gold and its potential for future growth, despite the current undervaluation of gold mining stocks.

The enduring appeal of Gold

Peter Schiff’s criticism of CNBC’s coverage—or lack thereof—of gold’s significant market movements underscores a broader debate about prioritizing financial news. While cryptocurrencies continue to captivate the public’s and media’s attention, traditional assets like gold remain crucial indicators of the global economic landscape. Schiff’s commentary calls for a more balanced approach to financial reporting that acknowledges the significance of all market movements, whether in digital currencies or timeless assets like gold.

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