National Assembly Passes Bill to Establish Artificial Intelligence (AI) Institute in Benue State


  • National Assembly passes a bill establishing the Federal AI Institute in Benue State, Nigeria, aiming to boost technological skills and tackle unemployment.
  • Dr. Austin Asema Achado champions a bill emphasizing AI’s role in socio-economic development and job creation, gaining bipartisan support.
  • The establishment of the AI Institute in Aliade, Benue State, signifies Nigeria’s commitment to tech advancement and inclusive development.

In a significant move towards enhancing Nigeria’s technological landscape, the National Assembly has passed a bill seeking to establish the Federal Artificial Intelligence Institute in Aliade, Benue State. Championed by Dr. Austin Asema Achado, the bill aims to address the pressing need for structured knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI) technology within the country.


The bill, which seeks to amend the Federal Polytechnics (Establishment) Act Cap F17 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2009, garnered support during its second reading at the Green Chambers on Wednesday. Dr. Achado, the National Assembly Member representing Gwer/Gwer-West, emphasized the critical role of AI in fostering sustainable socio-economic development and tackling the issue of unemployment, particularly among Nigerian youths.

The proposed Artificial Intelligence Institute in Aliade, Benue State, is envisioned as a hub for offering courses and educational programs focused on AI and algorithm data technology. These initiatives are deemed crucial for equipping Nigerian youths with the necessary technological skills demanded by the evolving job market. The institute’s establishment aligns with global trends where AI is increasingly recognized as a catalyst for positive change.

Addressing unemployment and insecurity

Dr. Achado highlighted the correlation between unemployment and insecurity, emphasizing that leveraging AI for technological advancement can mitigate both challenges. By equipping individuals with AI skills, the institute aims to create job opportunities and contribute to the country’s overall socio-economic stability. This sentiment was echoed by Hon. Abdullahi Rasheed, who supported the bill during the deliberations.

After thorough consideration, the bill received unanimous support from the House of Representatives. It was subsequently referred to the House Committee on Federal Polytechnics and Higher Technical Education for further legislative action. This bipartisan endorsement underscores the recognition of AI’s potential in driving Nigeria’s development agenda.

Future implications

The establishment of the Federal Artificial Intelligence Institute in Aliade, Benue State, holds immense promise for Nigeria’s technological advancement. With a focus on AI education and research, the institute is poised to become a pivotal institution in nurturing talent and fostering innovation within the country’s tech ecosystem. Moreover, its location in Benue State signifies a concerted effort to decentralize technological infrastructure and promote inclusive development across regions.

The passage of the bill to establish the Artificial Intelligence Institute in Aliade, Benue State, marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s quest for technological excellence. Dr. Austin Asema Achado’s advocacy reflects a forward-thinking approach toward addressing contemporary challenges through innovation and education. As Nigeria embraces the opportunities presented by AI, the institute is poised to play a transformative role in shaping the country’s future as a tech-savvy nation.

By prioritizing the development of AI capabilities, Nigeria is poised to harness the full potential of emerging technologies for sustainable growth and prosperity. The legislative support garnered by the bill underscores a collective commitment to leveraging technology as a catalyst for positive change. As the world transitions into the digital age, initiatives like the Artificial Intelligence Institute in Aliade, Benue State, will serve as beacons of progress, driving Nigeria towards a future defined by innovation and resilience.

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