Samsung Unveils Enhanced Galaxy AI Features


  • Galaxy S24 users can now translate calls in real-time with Galaxy Buds.
  • Galaxy Buds facilitate instant translation for in-person conversations.
  • Discounts are offered on Galaxy Buds2 series and Galaxy Buds FE.

Samsung has made waves in the tech world with its latest announcement regarding integrating select Galaxy AI features for its Galaxy S24 smartphones. This groundbreaking move lets users leverage advanced functionalities such as Live Translate directly through supported Galaxy Buds.

Live translate feature revolutionizes communication

One of the most significant highlights of this announcement is the introduction of the Live Translate feature, which enables real-time call translations on Galaxy S24 series smartphones when paired with compatible Galaxy Buds. This innovative functionality empowers users to engage in seamless conversations without language barriers. As users speak through their connected Galaxy Buds, the translations are instantly displayed on their Galaxy S24 devices, facilitating smooth and effortless communication.

In addition to Live Translate, Samsung introduced the Interpreter feature, revolutionizing in-person interactions. During face-to-face conversations, users can now engage in real-time translations through the Galaxy Buds interface. Speaking directly into Bud’s microphone, their words are translated and relayed to another individual’s Galaxy S24 smartphone, fostering natural and fluid dialogue without the need for cumbersome split-screen interfaces or shared devices.

Seamless integration for enhanced Samsung user experience

By seamlessly integrating Galaxy AI features with compatible Galaxy Buds, Samsung is redefining the user experience and setting new standards for innovation in the mobile technology landscape. Whether it’s bridging linguistic divides with Live Translate or facilitating natural conversations with the Interpreter feature, the Galaxy S24 series and Galaxy Buds combination empower users to connect and communicate effortlessly, breaking down barriers and fostering meaningful interactions on a global scale.

Samsung’s announcement regarding integrating select Galaxy AI features for the Galaxy S24 series smartphones represents a significant leap forward in mobile communication technology. With features like Live Translate and Interpreter, users can transcend language barriers and engage in seamless conversations like never before. With attractive discounts and upgrade offers, Samsung continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing the user experience and making cutting-edge technology accessible to all.

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