Romanian Start-Up Introduces World’s First AI Team Coach for Distributed Teams


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  • Romanian start-up theCoRD.ai launches the world’s first AI team coach for remote teams, aiming to transform online collaboration.
  • The AI analyzes meeting dynamics, offers personalized coaching, and provides insights to management on team interactions.
  • Developed with a €300,000 investment, theCoRD.ai’s mission is to redefine remote collaboration, ensuring every voice is valued.

In a groundbreaking move that promises to reshape the way distributed teams collaborate, Romanian tech start-up theCoRD.ai has launched the world’s first AI team coaching solution. This innovative platform, named the Coaching Results Driven AI (theCoRD.ai), utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze employees’ conversational patterns during online team meetings, providing actionable coaching recommendations aimed at enhancing productivity and optimizing the effectiveness of meetings.

Redefining team dynamics

theCoRD.ai, or AI’s Coaching Results Driven AI, approaches team meetings as the playing field where team members gather, practice, and exchange ideas. The AI team coach focuses on dissecting the dynamics between team members, closely observing their communication and collaboration during meetings. This multifaceted analysis takes into account various indicators, such as participant engagement levels, meeting facilitation quality, speaking time distribution, discussion dynamics, recurring patterns, alignment with meeting agendas, and team members’ roles in managing online meetings.

Personalized coaching for enhanced effectiveness

What sets theCoRD.ai apart is its ability to offer tailored coaching information and recommendations to individual team members, taking into consideration their varying levels of experience within the organization. Simultaneously, the management team gains invaluable insights into the dynamics of their remote teams. By fostering personalized growth and improved collaboration, theCoRD.ai addresses the challenges posed by the rapidly expanding remote workforce and the increasing need for global talent acquisition.

Tackling the meeting productivity challenge

Recent statistics reveal the pressing issue of unproductive meetings, with US employees spending up to 33% of their workweek attending online meetings, 71% of which are deemed unproductive. This translates to an average of 31 wasted hours per month per employee. Smaller companies with fewer than 50 employees are estimated to squander $18,000 annually on unproductive meetings, while larger organizations with over 100 employees face staggering losses of $420,000 per year.

A vision beyond optimization

Ruxandra Cord, the founder of theCoRD.ai, emphasizes that their mission goes beyond streamlining meetings or optimizing team dynamics. Instead, they aim to reshape the essence of remote collaboration. theCoRD.ai invites academic researchers and companies to join the collaborative development of the product. Managers can implement the solution for free and provide valuable feedback and recommendations to further enhance the platform.

Building a collaborative future

With a vision of pioneering a movement where every voice is heard and every idea is valued, Ruxandra Cord invites innovators and dreamers to participate in co-creating the future of work and revolutionizing collaboration for future generations. This commitment to collaborative innovation represents a long journey with numerous challenges, but with a passionate community of collaborators, the future of work becomes a tangible reality.

Behind the scenes:Development and investment

theCoRD.ai is the result of the dedicated efforts of more than 20 specialists, including team coaching professionals, artificial intelligence and machine learning researchers, and software developers, working tirelessly for a year. The Natural Language Technologies Research Center of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest has also played a significant role in the product’s development.

The venture received a substantial investment of nearly €300,000, with €121,000 in the form of a grant from Innovation Norway. This grant, obtained under the EEA Grants Norway 2014-2021 program’s SME Growth Programme Romania, represents a pivotal contribution to theCoRD.ai’s development journey. The investment has been channeled into diverse areas, including manual annotation of sessions, research and development, training of AI and ML engines, and rigorous testing and validation of the product.

theCoRD.ai emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of distributed team collaboration, with its AI team coaching solution promising to alleviate the challenges posed by unproductive meetings and remote work dynamics. By welcoming contributors and co-creators from various domains, theCoRD.ai envisions a future where work collaboration is redefined, and every participant’s potential is maximized. With a significant investment and a passionate team behind it, theCoRD.ai is poised to revolutionize the future of work.

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