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Bitcoin Cash has a market value of $ 1,315.19 and a total market cap of $ 24,736,102,226 and currently ranked at #9 of all cryptocurrencies.

The price for today is -1.96%, with 24 Hour volume sales of $ 1,315.19.

$ 1,315.19
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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About Bitcoin Cash

Considered as one of the most successful forks of the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin Cash is a tough runner in the crypto industry. Along with Ethereum and Bitcoin, BCH was constantly on tail as one of the top three cryptos with the best market cap. Yet, at the time of this writing, Ripple (XRP) and Tether (USDT) have overtaken BCH for the third and fourth place respectively.

BCH was established in August 2017 which was designed to be a more scalable and intuitive alternative from the origin crypto coin, the Bitcoin. Aiming to be used on a daily basis, BCH contains a block size of 8MB. It was changed from its predecessor’s design of 1MB in hopes to make every transaction faster and more seamlessly done.

However, BCH price chart history isn’t nice to look at. While the coin did receive its peak after its release, it didn’t take long. From BCH price value of $4,000 back in December 2017 to its current cost of $234.35.

As the tough year of 2018 came and went, BCH still remained steadfast and relevant to many traders and investors. The coin has undertook several changes to its technology that it positively affected its prospective price point. While there was a big leap in terms of BCH value back in 2019, what will be its price standpoint in 2020 or even after the years after that?