Nintendo Switch 2 Announce Potential Launch in Q1 2025


  • Nintendo might announce Switch 2 in June, possibly launching in 2025.
  • Brazilian journalist Lippe leaks info about upcoming Nintendo Direct and game releases.
  • Internal delays hint at Switch 2 release in Q1 2025; fans await official confirmation.

Nintendo enthusiasts eagerly await news about the (currently unconfirmed) Nintendo Switch 2. Recent rumors suggest its release might be pushed back to 2025 instead of the originally anticipated 2024. However, fans still have optimism as industry insiders hint at a possible reveal in June. This timing would coincide nicely with the peak of the summer gaming news season, keeping excitement levels high among gamers worldwide.

According to Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe, also known as Brazil, the Mario Maker is set to unveil the Switch 2 (or whatever it is called) in June. This news, first reported by GameRant, aligns with the summer months’ usual excitement, including events like PlayStation’s State of Play and Summer Game Fest. 

Known for accurate Nintendo leaks in the past, Lippe also provided details about the timing and content of the next direct. He anticipates an April broadcast focusing on first-party games, but whether it will be a full Nintendo Direct or a Mini presentation remains to be determined. However, Lippe seems confident and plans another Indie World Showcase before April, likely in March.

This information offers Nintendo fans insight into the company’s potential plans, heightening anticipation for upcoming announcements. If Lippe’s predictions hold, the gaming community can expect significant reveals and updates in the coming months.

Considering the lack of first-party game releases on the Switch’s 2024 calendar, it’s reasonable to anticipate Nintendo might have more news to unveil soon. Previous leaks hint at potential releases for the Switch 2, including a new Mario Kart game (the first since 2013, later remastered for Switch) and a fresh Mario platformer. 

Additionally, the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4 was announced in 2017 but seemingly absent for five years. These leaks suggest exciting prospects for Nintendo fans, raising hopes for a vibrant lineup of games.

Nintendo’s Switch 2 possible launch window updates

Insider discussions about the potential launch window for the Switch 2 have shed light on internal delays, hinting that the highly anticipated release initially slated for 2024 could be pushed to 2025. This information, corroborated by multiple news outlets independently, underscores Nintendo’s efforts to inform specific publishers about the delay. 

While this postponement may disappoint eager fans eagerly awaiting the new console, it signifies it’s commitment to prioritizing product quality. By taking the necessary time to refine and perfect its offering, Nintendo aims to ensure a polished and well-prepared product upon its eventual release. 

This approach reflects Nintendo’s dedication to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and maintaining the high standards associated with their brand, reassuring consumers that the wait will be worthwhile in the end.

According to the latest rumors, the new console may launch within the first quarter of 2025, covering the timeframe from January to March. If the release date leans towards the latter part of this period, it could align with the seventh anniversary of the original Switch’s launch, which occurred on March 3, 2017, in most regions. 

This strategic timing not only acknowledges the milestone achievement of the original console but also provides Nintendo with an opportunity to capitalize on the nostalgia and excitement surrounding the anniversary. By tying the release of the new console to this significant date, Nintendo could generate heightened anticipation and celebrate the legacy of the Switch while ushering in the next chapter of gaming innovation for its dedicated fan base.

Naturally, these discussions remain speculative for now, as Nintendo has not officially confirmed the development of a successor to the Switch. However, enthusiasts may not need to wait much longer to gain further insights.

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