Nibiru’s Strategic Moves: Community Sale and Airdrop Campaign


  • Nibiru successfully raised $6 million through a community sale and launched the Nibiru X Airdrop campaign, attracting over 500,000 participants, with a verification deadline set for March 21st, 2024.
  • Participants must meet specific criteria and complete a verification process to claim their rewards, with 15,000,000 NIBI tokens allocated for the airdrop, featuring a six-month claim window and a two-month linear vesting schedule.


Kicking off 2024 with a bang, Nibiru initiated a community sale in early February, in collaboration with CoinList, which turned out to be a resounding success, raising an impressive $6 million. The achievement set the stage for the next phase of community engagement – the Nibiru X Airdrop campaign. Running from February 7 to February 28, 2024, the airdrop attracted over 500,000 participants from across the globe, showcasing the massive interest and enthusiasm in the blockchain community for Nibiru’s initiatives.

However, participants looking forward to claiming their rewards from the airdrop must navigate through a set of requirements and adhere to specific deadlines. A critical date to remember is March 21st, 2024, the Verification Deadline. The date marks the final opportunity for participants to complete the Know Your Human (KYH) verification process, a crucial step in the reward claim procedure.

Nibiru’s Eligibility and verification: Ensuring a fair and secure Airdrop

To qualify for the Nibiru Gamified Engagement Airdrop, participants must meet certain criteria, including having a minimum of 50 followers on their X account. Nibiru has made it clear that any engagement in botting, malicious activities, or sybil attacks will lead to disqualification and the forfeiture of Nibi Points. Additionally, individuals from countries under U.S. and OFAC sanctions are ineligible to participate, ensuring compliance with international regulations.

The verification process is meticulously designed to maintain the airdrop’s integrity and deter fraudulent activities. Participants are required to link their on-chain identity (Nibiru address) with verified accounts on X and Discord, and obtain two Discord roles, “Likely Human” and “Seemingly Human,” through biometric scans and a series of questions. The comprehensive approach ensures that only genuine participants can proceed to claim their rewards.

Claiming your rewards: A step-by-step guide

Upon successful completion of the verification process, participants can look forward to the Claims Process, which will be accessible after March 21st, 2024. The Nibiru Web App will facilitate the claims, where participants will connect their wallets and click on the “Claim Token” button to receive their rewards. To assist with transaction fees, small amounts of NIBI tokens will be distributed to wallets that have completed the KYC process and linked their X, Nibi Address, and Discord accounts to the airdrops page.

Participants have a six-month window to claim their rewards, with unclaimed rewards expiring after the period. The Nibiru Airdrop campaign has allocated a total of 15,000,000 NIBI tokens, with 50% becoming available at the time of claim, followed by a two-month linear vesting schedule. The generous allocation underscores the company’s commitment to rewarding its community and encouraging active participation in its ecosystem.


The Nibiru X Airdrop represents a significant opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts to engage with and benefit from the growing Nibiru ecosystem. By adhering to the eligibility criteria, completing the verification process diligently, and claiming rewards in the designated window, participants can make the most of the exciting initiative. As the blockchain community continues to evolve, initiatives like the Nibiru X Airdrop play a crucial role in fostering engagement, innovation, and growth within the ecosystem.

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