Hacker allegedly gains access to law enforcement tool to target user data on Discord, Binance, Coinbase


  • An online hacker claims to have accessed KodexGlobal, potentially allowing them to subpoena personal information from users of platforms like Discord, Binance, and Coinbase.
  • The hacker is reportedly selling access to this law enforcement tool on BreachForums, raising significant concerns over identity theft and financial losses.
  • Binance has responded, asserting that their systems have not been breached and emphasizing their commitment to safeguarding user data against unauthorized access.

An online hacker claims to have gained access to KodexGlobal, a law enforcement request account for securing communications between law enforcement agencies and regulators. This breach risks users’ personal data across various online platforms, including major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, as well as social media and communication services such as LinkedIn and Discord.

Breach and its implications

According to Hudson Rock, a cybercrime solutions provider, the unauthorized access was made public through a blog post dated February 4. The hacker reportedly offers access to the KodexGlobal account on BreachForums, with prices set at $5,000 for full access or $300 per emergency data request (EDR). The services vulnerable to these illicit EDRs span widely, touching upon platforms like LinkedIn, Discord, Tinder, Binance, Coinbase, Chainlink, and SendGrid. Emergency data requests, if executed under pretenses, could lead to dire consequences, including identity theft, extortion, and significant financial losses, particularly for individuals with cryptocurrency assets.

Hudson Rock suggests that the hacker likely exploited credentials from Infostealer Infections, a method where malware obtains sensitive information from compromised computers, in this case, those owned by law enforcement officers. This assertion is backed by identifying over 50 different credentials for Google’s law enforcement system, compromised through such infections.

Industry response and precautions

In light of these findings, a spokesperson from Binance has clarified that this incident does not indicate a breach of Binance’s systems. The spokesperson emphasized the exchange’s commitment to user data protection, noting the thorough documentation and constant monitoring processes to identify and mitigate the risk of compromised accounts. Despite the alarming revelation, Binance reassures its users of the safety measures to protect their data against unauthorized access.

The potential abuse of KodexGlobal for unauthorized data requests raises significant concerns about the security of sensitive user information. KodexGlobal serves as a pivotal platform for lawful data exchange between entities, ensuring that requests for user information are legitimate and necessary for law enforcement purposes. It is important to know that exploiting such a system could undermine trust in the digital security framework essential for online services, especially those dealing with financial transactions and personal communications.

In December 2023, a similar threat emerged when a hacker claimed to sell access to Binance’s law enforcement portal via KodexGlobal. Although Binance did not confirm any breach of its systems or theft of user data and crypto assets, the incident underscored the ongoing threats facing online platforms and the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures.

Moreover, Binance recently addressed another concern by refuting claims of an exposed cache of internal passwords and code on GitHub. The firm assured that no such leak occurred and that user accounts remain secure, highlighting the ongoing challenges and the importance of maintaining vigilance in cybersecurity efforts.

Moving forward: The path to enhanced security

The revelation of a hacker’s claim to access KodexGlobal and potentially subpoena user information without proper authorization is a reminder of the vulnerabilities in digital security frameworks. As platforms and exchanges work tirelessly to safeguard user data, the incident calls for heightened awareness and cooperation among all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

The concerted effort to protect sensitive information must continue, with an emphasis on enhancing security protocols, educating users about potential risks, and fostering a culture of transparency and trust.

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