Microsoft Rumored to Enter Handheld Gaming Market, Potentially Rivaling Nintendo Switch


  • According to rumors, Microsoft might make a handheld Xbox to compete with Nintendo Switch.
  • Insider reports suggest Microsoft is working on a native Xbox handheld, not a cloud-based device.
  • Even though prototypes exist, Microsoft’s not guaranteed to release an Xbox handheld this year.

Amidst speculation and industry buzz, reports indicate that tech giant Microsoft is poised to step into the handheld gaming arena, potentially challenging the dominance of Nintendo’s popular Switch console. The rumors stem from recent statements made by industry insiders, igniting excitement and anticipation among gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

Rumors of Xbox handheld surface amid teasers of new hardware

Microsoft’s purported foray into the handheld market gained traction following teasers hinting at the unveiling of exciting new hardware slated for release during the upcoming holiday season. While initial speculation centered around a leaked disc-less variant of the Xbox Series X, fresh insights suggest that Microsoft may have broader ambitions, potentially encompassing a dedicated handheld gaming device.

Insider Gaming Windows Central’s Jez Corden provided notable insights during a recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast, fueling speculation about Microsoft’s handheld gaming aspirations. Corden’s claims suggest that Microsoft is diligently working on a fully native Xbox handheld, distinct from cloud-based gaming alternatives. This purported device would enable users to download and play games offline, eliminating the connectivity constraints associated with online-based gaming on the go.

Potential implications and industry landscape

The prospect of Microsoft entering the handheld gaming market comes at a time of significant innovation and evolution within the gaming industry. Recent advancements, exemplified by devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, have demonstrated the feasibility of running demanding titles on handheld platforms, reshaping conventional perceptions of mobile gaming capabilities. 

Moreover, the success of Nintendo’s Switch and anticipation surrounding its rumored successor underscores the market potential and consumer appetite for portable gaming experiences.

Microsoft’s potential entry into the handheld space raises intriguing questions about its strategic positioning and game library. With a robust catalog of titles, including popular franchises like Halo, Skyrim, and Doom Eternal, Microsoft possesses a wealth of content that could appeal to handheld gamers. Additionally, the seamless integration with existing Xbox infrastructure may offer a compelling value proposition for consumers invested in the Xbox ecosystem across multiple console generations.

While rumors of an Xbox handheld have ignited excitement within the gaming community, it’s essential to approach these developments with cautious optimism. As emphasized by Corden, the existence of prototypes doesn’t guarantee the eventual release of a commercial product. However, the mere prospect of Microsoft entering the handheld market underscores the dynamic nature of the gaming industry and the potential for further innovation and competition.

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