Days Gone Developers Hiring for Live Service Experience in New AAA Title


  • Bend Studio seeks lead project manager for AAA title, emphasizing live service experience, signaling industry shift.
  • Agile workflows and live operations key as Bend Studio ventures into new AAA title development.
  • Departure of key figures doesn’t deter Bend Studio’s move towards live service elements in upcoming game.

Bend Studio, the team behind the action-adventure game “Days Gone,” has announced its search for a lead project manager to spearhead their upcoming high-profile AAA title. The job listing indicates a notable shift in focus towards live service elements, signaling potential changes in the studio’s development approach.

New direction for Bend Studio

Bend Studio, known for its work on “Days Gone,” is seeking a lead project manager for their next AAA title. This move comes amidst a noticeable industry trend towards live service games. The successful applicant is required to have extensive experience in live operations and leadership roles within the AAA live service game sphere. This shift suggests Bend Studio’s intention to explore new avenues in game development, moving away from traditional single-player experiences towards ongoing, service-based content delivery.

Emphasis on live operations and agile workflows

The job listing highlights the importance of live operations experience, indicating Bend Studio’s commitment to delivering a dynamic and evolving gaming experience. Moreover, the emphasis on agile workflows suggests a departure from traditional development methodologies. Agile methodologies, characterized by flexibility and iterative development, contrast with the sequential approach of waterfall methodologies. This shift in workflow signals Bend Studio’s readiness to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of game development.

Navigating industry trends and public perception

The move towards live service elements in Bend Studio’s upcoming title reflects broader industry trends. Despite concerns about market saturation and player fatigue with live service games, publishers continue to invest in this model in pursuit of sustained engagement and revenue. Bend Studio’s decision may have been influenced by earlier plans for a sequel to “Days Gone,” which reportedly included a shared universe with co-op play, aligning with the live service format.

The departure of key figures, including the director and creative director of “Days Gone,” has raised questions about the studio’s direction. However, Bend Studio remains committed to delivering high-quality gaming experiences. The potential integration of live service elements suggests a willingness to evolve and adapt to changing player preferences.

Bend Studio’s search for a lead project manager with live service experience marks a significant shift in their development approach. As they embark on crafting their next AAA title, the studio aims to leverage live operations and agile workflows to deliver a dynamic gaming experience. While the move towards live service may raise eyebrows amidst industry trends and public perception, Bend Studio remains focused on delivering compelling experiences for players worldwide.

In a gaming landscape increasingly defined by ongoing player engagement, Bend Studio’s pursuit of a lead project manager with live service experience signifies not just a shift in development approach, but a commitment to staying relevant and responsive to player demands. As they venture into uncharted territory with their upcoming AAA title, Bend Studio’s willingness to embrace agile workflows and prioritize live operations underscores their dedication to crafting immersive, ever-evolving gaming experiences. While the industry may question the viability of such a direction, Bend Studio’s resilience and determination to innovate speak volumes about their vision for the future of gaming. With this bold step, Bend Studio reaffirms its position as a studio poised to challenge conventions and captivate audiences with groundbreaking entertainment.

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