Microsoft Rumored to be Developing Xbox Handheld: Multiple Prototypes in Progress


  • Microsoft is reportedly working on multiple Xbox handheld prototypes for native gaming experience.
  • The success of devices like Steam Deck makes the handheld market favorable for Microsoft.
  • The release timeline for the Xbox handheld remains uncertain amidst ongoing speculation.

In a recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast, Jez Corden from Windows Central disclosed that Microsoft is purportedly in the development phase of multiple Xbox handheld gaming device prototypes. While these prototypes do not guarantee a market release, Corden suggests several factors point towards the likelihood of such a product entering the gaming landscape.

Potential market entry and favorable conditions

The emergence of successful handheld gaming platforms like the Steam Deck has created a favorable environment for Microsoft to explore its handheld gaming solution. With the potential to play Xbox games natively, such a device could tap into a market segment increasingly drawn to portable gaming experiences. Additionally, Valve’s ability to incorporate exclusives from major players like Microsoft and Sony into the Steam Deck ecosystem further emphasizes the viability of handheld gaming platforms.

Despite the ongoing rumors surrounding the development of an Xbox handheld, concrete details regarding its release timeline remain elusive. Corden suggests that while the device is under consideration, its launch may not be imminent, as evidenced by the absence of substantial leaks or information leaks typically associated with products nearing release. This lack of information contrasts with recent leaks surrounding the PlayStation 5 Pro, indicating that the Xbox handheld may still be in the early stages of development.

Speculation surrounding the new dev kit

In addition to discussions regarding the Xbox handheld, Corden also touched upon the recent certification of a mysterious new dev kit in South Korea. While details about this dev kit are scarce, Corden speculates that it could represent a new iteration with enhanced AI features to assist developers in preparing for the next generation of consoles. However, without concrete information, the nature and purpose of this dev kit remain subject to speculation.

Rumors surrounding the development of an Xbox handheld have generated significant interest within the gaming community, fueled by insights from industry insiders like Jez Corden. While multiple prototypes suggest that Microsoft is exploring the possibility of a handheld gaming device, the absence of concrete details regarding its release timeline underscores the speculative nature of these discussions. As gaming enthusiasts await further developments, Microsoft’s potential entry into the handheld gaming market remains a keen interest and anticipation topic.

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