MEME tokens Airdrop – now worth $700,000

MEME tokens

The total value of MEME tokens has witnessed a rapid rise to around $2,000 with its total token airdrop value surging to approximately $700,000.

The DeFi space is not showing any sign of relenting in the coming months as no day goes by without one token from the sector witnessing massive price moves. After the launch which took place on August 18, MEME protocol has undergone rapid rise with its native token, MEME tokens on the verge of hitting the $2,000 mark. Notably, the token had a total supply of 28,000 which has been shared amongst the early members of its telegram airdrop group.

MEME tokens now worth more than its previous price

According to a report that was released by Etherscan, only 72 people were the recipient of 355 MEME tokens distribution which was carried out on the group. Even though the coins were not worth much when it was first distributed, it is now worth a whopping $1,500 per coin

Presently, the coin has risen significantly to rest at around the $2,000 price region. The total free cash shared by the developers of the DeFi token is worth around $700,000. Giving a thumbs up to the move, a trader, Anthony Sassano, noted that he was one of the early recipients of the airdrop.

Yearn Finance community controls the tokens on the platform

At the beginning of August, the CEO of budding DeFi platform Yearn Finance, Andre Cronje, announced the launch of the platform’s token which was said to have a total supply of 30,000. The token is controlled by the community members hence the distribution for members to farm. 

With the move that was taken by the MEME token developers, the majority of the new tokens would now seek to kickstart their tokens with an official airdrop. Presently, the first earners of the MEME coin are the biggest winners as they can sell their tokens for more than it was previously worth.

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