Livestock Farming: How to Gather Animals in LEGO Fortnite?

Livestock Farming

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  • LEGO Fortnite players can’t maintain animal farms due to animals respawning and disappearing when they roam too far.
  • To gather animals, create small pens and use vines to lure them, but you can’t breed them in the game.
  • Despite challenges, players can temporarily collect animals for their needs.

In the world of LEGO Fortnite, where creativity knows no bounds, players often seek to emulate real-life tasks, such as creating a livestock farm. The idea is compelling, yet the reality is somewhat different. Let’s explore the challenges faced by LEGO Fortnite players in establishing functional livestock farms, offering a workaround for those who seek to gather animals temporarily.

The problem with livestock farming

In LEGO Fortnite, the landscape is teeming with life. Chickens cluck, cows graze, and the possibility of establishing your very own animal farm seems tantalizing. However, here’s the catch: these farms, as of now, are not functional, at least not in the way you might hope.

Respawn and despawn mechanics

Unlike other games, where you can raise livestock and tend to them, LEGO Fortnite operates on a different principle. Wild animals respawn when you rejoin the game and disappear when you venture too far away. This means that your flourishing farm can quickly turn into a desolate wasteland.

A dream deferred

The trailer may have teased the potential for an animal farm in the game, but the current mechanics do not permit it. There is no method to keep or tame animals to prevent them from vanishing, regardless of how much you feed them.

Luring animals into a pen

While a permanent livestock farm remains a dream in LEGO Fortnite, there is a way to gather local animals for short-term harvesting. The key is to create a pen and use vines to lure them in.

Building the pen

Begin by constructing a small pen with a convenient opening. The material used is flexible, but it’s recommended to double up if you opt for fences, as sheep and cows can escape over shorter ones. The pen need not be expansive.

Vine luring technique

To gather animals effectively, stock up on vines. One stack of vines should suffice, depending on the distance to the animals. Luring animals can be a bit tricky but is relatively straightforward.

Step 1: Identify the animals you want to attract.

Step 2: Drop vines one at a time by going into your inventory, selecting the vines, and clicking “drop.” Be cautious, as items dropped closely tend to combine.

Step 3: As you can only place one vine at a time, this process attracts one animal at a time. Prepare for multiple trips if you want to gather several animals.

Securing your temporary farm

Once you’ve enticed the animals into the pen, move quickly to close it while they are occupied with the vines. While it’s possible to lure all animals into the same pen, there’s a risk of escapees. A practical approach is to create a series of connected mini pens and later break down the barriers separating the animals.

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