LEGO Fortnite: How to Build your First Village Fast? 

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  • In LEGO Fortnite, players can create villages by building a Village Square using wood and granite.
  • These villages can be upgraded through ten levels, unlocking perks like more villagers and random gifts.
  • Villages serve as a home base for resting, crafting, and recruiting fellow brick people for adventures.

In the world of LEGO Fortnite, creating a village can be a game-changer. Villages serve as crucial home bases, providing a respite from the relentless adventures and a hub for crafting essential supplies. They also open the door for fellow brick enthusiasts to join as villagers, contributing by gathering resources or joining in on the battles. This guide will walk you through the process of creating your own LEGO Fortnite Village, step by step.

Accessing the Build menu

To kickstart your village-building journey, open the Build menu. You can find this option conveniently located in the lower left corner of your screen. Once activated, this menu will display a selection of building recipes you’ve collected during your adventures.

Crafting the Village Square

Within the Build menu, your key to creating a village is the Village Square. This essential structure is your foundation for constructing a thriving community. In Sandbox mode, you’ll find the Village Square readily available. However, if you’re in Survival mode, you’ll need to have a bed and shelter built before you can unlock the recipe for the Village Square.

Placing the Village Square

Once you’ve obtained the recipe, you can build the Village Square almost anywhere, as long as there isn’t another structure or obstacle blocking your way. The construction cost for a Village Square is 10 Wood and 10 Granite. Fortunately, you can gather these materials as sticks and rocks from your surroundings. Upon building it, the Village Square emits a vast ring, marking the territory designated for your village.

Upgrading your LEGO Fortnite Village

LEGO Fortnite offers players the opportunity to level up their villages. To initiate this process, interact with the Village Square statue. Navigate to the “Upgrade Village” tab, and select the “Upgrade” option. Each level of upgrade necessitates specific resources on hand.

Progressing through 10 levels

Your Village can ascend through ten distinct levels, each demanding a unique set of resources for an upgrade. With each level, new perks are unlocked, propelling your village’s prosperity. These perks include accommodating more villagers, offering more job opportunities for residents, and even the possibility of receiving random gifts from them.

Creating a Village in LEGO Fortnite is a strategic move that can enhance your gaming experience significantly. With the Village Square as your starting point, you can build a thriving community, unlocking various benefits along the way. Whether you’re looking to rest from your adventures, craft essential items, or recruit fellow brick people, your village will be the heart of your LEGO Fortnite world. So, dive in, gather resources, and watch your village prosper as you conquer the LEGO Fortnite universe. Happy building!

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