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  • Netflix Games launched 40 games, including Grand Theft Auto Trilogy and internally developed titles like Oxenfree II.
  • They’re testing games on TV and computers in the US, UK, and Canada, with plans for global expansion.
  • In 2024, expect exciting games like Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, FashionVerse, Game Dev Tycoon, and Sonic Mania Plus, plus more, including a Squid Game-inspired game.

In a remarkable stride toward becoming a gaming destination, Netflix Games has made substantial progress in the past year. The streaming giant has not only launched a variety of games but also introduced its first internally developed titles. 

Netflix Games is taking steps to make games available on every device, and it has revamped its games row to provide tailored recommendations. As the year comes to a close, Netflix Games is set to have a total of 86 games available, with many more in development. 

Game launches and internally developed titles

Netflix Games has been on a mission to offer its subscribers an array of engaging games. In the past year, the platform successfully launched 40 games, including highly anticipated titles such as “Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – The Definitive Edition,” “Football Manager 24 Mobile,” and “Storyteller.” 

These additions have added variety and excitement to the gaming catalog, ensuring that there’s something for every Netflix member to enjoy.

One significant achievement for Netflix Games is the debut of its first two internally developed games. “Oxenfree II: Lost Signals” from Night School has received critical acclaim and was recognized as one of the year’s best games. 

Additionally, Boss Fight Entertainment brought “Netflix Stories: Love is Blind” to life, the first chapter in an expanding collection of interactive fiction based on popular Netflix series and movies.

Expanding accessibility: Games on TV and computers

Netflix Games is dedicated to making gaming accessible to its audience on a wide range of devices. To achieve this, the platform initiated a test phase for games on TV and computers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. 

This is the initial step towards their long-term vision of enabling gaming on every device. The company plans to roll out this experience to more countries and add new games to the testing phase, ensuring a global gaming reach.

Netflix prides itself on helping its members discover content they love, whether it’s series, films, or games. With a growing games selection, the platform has taken steps to refine its game recommendations. 

By curating the mobile games row to match each member’s preferences, Netflix Games aims to provide more personalized and relevant game suggestions. These recommendations will continue to evolve and improve as more members engage with the gaming offerings.

Upcoming game releases

As the year draws to a close, Netflix Games has exciting plans for 2024 and beyond. Four notable games are set to be released in 2024, offering a diverse range of experiences for gamers:

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit

In “Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit,” players embark on a heartwarming adventure as Spirit Scouts on a haunted island. They’ll befriend and assist a unique cast of ghostly bears, uncovering new ghost stories and engaging in exciting activities. 

This sequel promises even more furry companions and adventures, ensuring that fans of the original game will find plenty to love.


“FashionVerse” invites players to express their creativity and unique style in a 3D mobile fashion game. Design diverse outfits, dress up models, and compete in glamorous challenges. With AI enhancements and inclusive models, this game offers a fresh take on the fashion genre, allowing players to make their mark in the world of style and design.

Game Dev Tycoon

“Game Dev Tycoon” offers a nostalgic journey through the gaming industry of the ’80s. Players can start their own video game development company, research new technologies, and create best-selling games. The Netflix edition of the game introduces the opportunity to develop games based on beloved films and TV series, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay.

Sonic Mania Plus

“Sonic Mania Plus” brings the ultimate celebration of Sonic’s past and future to Netflix Games, exclusively on mobile. Players can experience explosive speed as Sonic, take to the skies as Tails, or power through obstacles with Knuckles. With new zones, bosses, and challenges, this game offers a fresh take on classic Sonic adventures.

More games on the horizon

Netflix Games doesn’t plan to slow down its expansion. In addition to the aforementioned titles, subscribers can look forward to a growing list of upcoming games. Some of the notable releases include “Braid, Anniversary Edition,” “Chicken Run: Eggstraction.” 

“The Dragon Prince: Xadia,” “Dumb Ways to Survive,” “Hades,” “Harmonium: The Musical,” “Katana Zero,” “Money Heist: Ultimate Choice,” “Monument Valley 1 & 2,” “Netflix Stories: Virgin River,” “Paper Trail,” “The Rise Of The Golden Idol,” and a game set in the universe of “Squid Game” where players can compete in games inspired by the hit series.

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