Litecoin expands to over 2 billion Facebook users through messenger

Litecoin has been doing well and that is just not enough for the alt coin superstar that has been out doing Bitcoin for almost a year now. Taking a huge leap Litecoin is going to Facebook banking on its 2 billion user base.

Currently standing at 51 dollars to 1 Litecoin the cryptocurrency has seen the highest point in the decade during the current fiscal year while Bitcoin is now down and stable between 6250 to 6500 dollars to 1 Bitcoin for now.

Litecoin has now taken a huge leap forward with Facebook messenger access for users looking to deal in cryptocurrency that can certainly be a game changer for the currency.

Users can simply start dealing in the currency by using the on messenger and follow the registration process after the conversation begins. Users cannot, however, trade LTC on FB messenger at the moment.

This service is in addition to already available Lite.IM for Telegram an end to end encrypted proxy messenger that is popular among cryptocurrency traders and users fond of their privacy.

The expansion, on one hand, is good for consumers with little to no direct access to means of transactions such as banks. While on the other hand, the currency is certainly expecting a good chunk of the 2 billion people pie that is Facebook users.

Although a little insecure than the conventional security protocols associated with cryptocurrencies due to lack of private key control Litecoin has been able to provide access to people with bad internet and little to no knowledge of currencies.