List of Meme Coins on Arbitrum And What to Do About Them

Meme coins have become a popular phenomenon in the cryptocurrency market, capturing the attention of investors and traders alike with their unique appeal and speculative nature. These digital currencies often gain traction due to their association with memes or popular culture references, and they have found their way onto various blockchain platforms. One such platform is Arbitrum, a Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. 

In this article, we will explore the list of meme coins that are available on the Arbitrum blockchain and provide a brief outline of each. However, it’s important to note that investing in meme coins, like any other cryptocurrency, carries significant risks and requires careful consideration. Let’s dive into the exciting world of meme coins on Arbitrum and explore their features, popularity, and potential. 


A layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, which aims to address the scalability challenges of the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to improve the transaction throughput, reduce gas fees, and enhance the overall performance of the Ethereum network.

Arbitrum uses a mechanism known as Optimistic Rollup, which allows for off-chain processing of transactions while still maintaining the security and decentralization of the Ethereum blockchain. In Optimistic Rollup, transactions are initially processed off-chain, and their results are later verified and committed to the Ethereum blockchain in a batch. This helps in significantly reducing the transaction fees and increasing the transaction capacity of the Ethereum network.

Arbitrum provides developers and users with a fast and cost-effective way to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts on Ethereum. It supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which means that dApps and smart contracts developed for Ethereum can be easily ported to Arbitrum with minimal changes. Users can seamlessly transfer assets between Ethereum and Arbitrum, and enjoy the benefits of faster transactions and lower fees.

Arbitrum has gained popularity as a layer 2 solution for Ethereum, offering scalability and cost-efficiency, which is especially relevant in the context of meme coins and other high-transaction volume use cases. Meme coins on Arbitrum can benefit from the increased transaction throughput and lower gas fees, allowing for smoother and more affordable transactions for users.

List of Meme Coins on Arbitrum


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Arbinu, the delightful ambassador of the Arbitrum realm! The Arbinu project introduces individuals to the enchanting Arbitrum ecosystem through its fun and friendly mascot. It is a community-owned and managed initiative, promoting decentralization and widespread adoption by imposing strict limits on individual holdings.

Arbinu leverages the power of memes and community-driven content creation to increase awareness and understanding of the Arbitrum universe. It serves as a guide and companion to all Arbinauts, bringing joy and camaraderie along the way. With a balanced distribution of power and a focus on inclusivity, Arbinu fosters a sense of unity and paves the path for a deeper appreciation of the vast possibilities within the Arbitrum realm. Join Arbinu on this magical journey, where dreams and realities converge in the pursuit of a decentralized future.

AiShiba (SHIBAI)

AiShiba, the lifestyle revolution powered by the dynamic duo of SHIBAI and SHICOD, carefully crafted by AI to cater to the meme-loving community. With a brand built on zero FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), 100% community ownership, AiShiba is here to redefine what it means to be part of a groundbreaking movement.

AiShiba OG Collection owners, not only join the ranks of the early members in the mighty AiShiba army but also become eligible for exciting upcoming airdrops and future events. With the unwavering commitment to 100% community ownership, the project team places the power in the hands of the community to determine the project’s value.

In the mesmerizing realm of AiShiba, the fundamental token SHIBAI reigns supreme, with its powerful deflationary attributes and passive income opportunities through staking, ensuring lasting value. Marked by a total supply of 210 quadrillion tokens and the symbol $SHIBAI, 90% of these tokens are bestowed upon eligible wallets through airdrops, fostering community ownership, while the remaining 10% bolsters liquidity in DEXs and enables CEX listings. 

Guiding the operations of AiShiba is the illustrious principle known as SHICOD, symbolized by $SHICOD, boasting a total supply of 210 million tokens and an initial circulating supply of 42 million SHICOD tokens, unleashing a world of limitless innovation and growth within the ecosystem. Step into the wondrous AiShiba realm, where tokenomics lay the foundation for boundless opportunities and awe-inspiring transformations.

For those seeking rewards, staking SHIBAI and SHICOD tokens to earn enticing incentives. SHIBAI stakers will be rewarded with SHIBAI, while SHICOD stakers will be granted ARB rewards. 

SHARBI ($Sharbi)

Step into the captivating world of Sharbi, the high-class mistress of Shiba. This community-owned, multichain cryptocurrency is built on the foundations of Arbitrum and Ethereum, offering a unique token experience where holders are rewarded with the prestigious USDC. Sharbi represents a new era of meme community tokens, with a resolute mission to provide ongoing USDC rewards to its dedicated holders, while harnessing the power of a decentralized Web3 community to forge an exciting path forward.

What sets Sharbi apart is its exceptional tokenomics. Embracing innovation, it offers features like USDC rewards, low taxes, the absence of a marketing wallet or dev fees, and the security of an LP lock, all coupled with a renounced status. Holders of Sharbi are not only part of a rewarding ecosystem but also enjoy the exclusive privilege of being paid to hold (P2H) in USDC every single day, adding a touch of financial empowerment to their Sharbi journey.

At the heart of Sharbi lies its extraordinary community, a collective of vibrant and engaged individuals who contribute to the project’s growth in remarkable ways. From the creation of catchy hip-hop songs to crafting captivating memes and actively participating in raids, the Sharbi community thrives on collaboration and creativity. As they eagerly await the integration with different chains, the recent integration with the Ethereum chain has already sparked immense enthusiasm, paving the way for the highly anticipated Shibarium integration that lies just ahead.


Welcome to the enchanting world of AIDOGE, a mesmerizing deflationary token that holds the key to the captivating applications within the AIDOGE ecosystem. With a total supply of 210 quadrillion tokens, AIDOGE embraces the entire Arbitrum community, offering a transformative journey into the future chapters of the AIDOGE story. It is a token that belongs to all, unlocking new possibilities and shaping the destiny of this extraordinary narrative.

Dive into the AIDOGE experience, where the burning flame of innovation illuminates the path. AIDOGE carries an 8% burning tax, ensuring a constant reduction in supply. To ensure smooth and successful transactions, it is recommended to adjust your slippage tolerance to approximately 20% when buying or selling. With every purchase of AIDOGE, you receive a precious Lucky Drop ticket, granting you the opportunity to win an ARB prize based on the purchase amount. Take your journey further by staking your AIDOGE tokens, opening the door to even greater rewards and possibilities.

Unleash the full potential of AIDOGE, where a world of adventure and prosperity awaits. Join the Arbitrum community in this remarkable tale, where deflationary forces, lucky drops, and staking intertwine to create a captivating narrative filled with excitement and boundless opportunities.

Baby Arbitrum (BARB)

Welcome to the captivating realm of Baby Arbitrum ($BARB), where you can earn $ARB simply by holding $BARB and passively enjoy capital gains. With each $BARB transaction, a 5% tax fee is applied, where 3% of it directly rewards holders with Arbitrum Rewards. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, secure LP locking, and a 5% tax mechanism, Baby Arbitrum offers a seamless and rewarding experience for the community.

Experience the power of utilities within the Baby Arbitrum ecosystem. Baby Swap presents a cutting-edge platform for Arbitrum traders to effortlessly exchange ERC-20 ARB-based tokens, akin to the popular Arbitrum Swap, SushiSwap. Integration of the swap feature becomes pivotal for the BARB ecosystem, providing users with a comprehensive trading solution all in one convenient place.

Discover the user-friendly BARB Portfolio Tracker, a tool that allows you to review crucial aspects of your trades across various Arbitrum token pairs. Easily analyze your individual trades on the ARB Blockchain, as Baby Arbitrum simplifies your trading experience with another ingenious solution. 

Additionally, the BARB Locker grants developers an alternative avenue to securely lock their token’s liquidity pool or vested supply, addressing the limited options available on the Arbitrum Chain. Finally, safeguard your investments with Baby Guard, the rug protector dApp that offers swift verification of tokens built on the Arbitrum Chain. 

Key advantages Arbitrum Can offer for users and investors

Scalability: Arbitrum’s Optimistic Rollup technology allows for high transaction throughput and faster confirmations, addressing the scalability limitations of the Ethereum blockchain. This means that meme coins on Arbitrum can handle a larger volume of transactions and provide users with quicker transaction times compared to using meme coins on the main Ethereum network.

Lower Transaction Fees: Arbitrum’s layer 2 solution can significantly reduce gas fees associated with meme coin transactions compared to using meme coins on the main Ethereum network. Lower transaction fees can make meme coin transactions more affordable and accessible for users, especially in times of high network congestion and elevated gas fees on Ethereum.

Interoperability: Meme coins on Arbitrum can be easily bridged to and from the Ethereum network, allowing users to seamlessly transfer assets between the two networks. This interoperability can enable users to take advantage of the benefits of both Ethereum and Arbitrum, while also benefiting from Arbitrum’s scalability and cost-efficiency.

Familiar Development Environment: Arbitrum supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which means that meme coins developed for Ethereum can be easily ported to Arbitrum with minimal changes. This allows meme coin developers to leverage their existing Ethereum development skills and tools, making it easier to build and deploy meme coins on the Arbitrum network.

Enhanced User Experience: Faster transaction times and lower transaction fees on Arbitrum can lead to an improved user experience for meme coin users. Users can enjoy quicker confirmations and cheaper transactions, resulting in a more seamless and cost-effective experience when using meme coins on Arbitrum-based dApps or platforms.

Early Adoption Opportunities: As Arbitrum is a relatively new and rapidly growing layer 2 solution, meme coins on Arbitrum may present early adoption opportunities for investors. Being an early adopter of meme coins on Arbitrum could potentially offer advantages in terms of potential returns, as the network continues to gain traction and attract more users.

Key risks associated with investing in meme coins

Volatility: Meme coins are known for their high levels of volatility, which can result in rapid price fluctuations. The value of meme coins can change drastically within a short period of time, leading to potential losses for investors.

Lack of Fundamentals: Unlike traditional investments, meme coins often lack underlying fundamentals such as revenue, earnings, or a clear business model. Their value is often driven solely by market sentiment and hype, which can be unpredictable and short-lived.

Regulatory Risks: Meme coins are subject to regulatory risks, as governments and financial authorities in various countries may impose regulations or restrictions on cryptocurrencies. Changes in regulations could impact the viability and legality of meme coins, potentially leading to losses for investors.

Scams and Fraud: The meme coin market can be highly speculative and unregulated, making it vulnerable to scams and fraudulent schemes. Investors need to be cautious of potential scams, fake projects, and pump-and-dump schemes that can result in significant financial losses.


meme coins on the Arbitrum network offer an exciting and speculative investment opportunity for users and investors. With their association with memes and popular culture, meme coins have captured the attention and interest of the cryptocurrency community. The scalability and cost-efficiency benefits provided by the Arbitrum network can enhance the user experience by enabling faster transactions and lower fees for meme coin holders.

However, it’s important to approach meme coin investments with caution. Meme coins are highly volatile and speculative, often lacking underlying fundamentals and relying on market sentiment and hype. Investors should conduct thorough research, assess the associated risks, and consider their risk tolerance before investing in meme coins. Additionally, the meme coin market is also vulnerable to scams and fraudulent schemes, so it’s crucial to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks.


What benefits does investing in meme coins on the Arbitrum network offer?

Investing in meme coins on Arbitrum offers benefits such as scalability, lower transaction fees, and an enhanced user experience with faster confirmations and cheaper transactions.

What risks are associated with investing in meme coins?

Meme coins are highly volatile, lack fundamentals, and are subject to regulatory risks, while the meme coin market is also vulnerable to scams and fraudulent schemes, requiring cautious research and risk assessment before investing.

How does Arbitrum address the scalability challenges of the Ethereum network?

Arbitrum addresses scalability challenges by using Optimistic Rollup, processing transactions off-chain and later committing them to the Ethereum blockchain, improving throughput, reducing gas fees, and enhancing performance.

Can meme coins on Arbitrum be easily transferred to the Ethereum network?

Yes, meme coins on Arbitrum can be easily transferred to and from the Ethereum network, allowing for seamless asset transfers between the two networks.

Are meme coins on Arbitrum a good investment opportunity?

Investing in meme coins carries risks due to their speculative nature, and while Arbitrum's benefits enhance user experience, thorough research, risk assessment, and consideration of risk tolerance are crucial before investing.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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