LATOKEN rubbishes KICK ICO’s LATOKEN fraud claim

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KICK ICO is claiming a LATOKEN fraud on their Facebook page after their post was taken off from Medium and LATOKEN is rubbishing the claim.

Cryptopolitan.com has received new information on the matter from an internal source at LATOKEN via a Telegram conversation.

A LATOKEN technical support employee came up with a point by point explanation over the alleged LATOKEN fraud in a Telegram community when a community member posed the question.

Following shortly, LATOKEN shared an announcement in the official Telegram group with the rationale that sharing wallet addresses is against their policy; therefore, the WHIRL airdrop participants can rest assured that their information would not be shared with KICK ICO.

LATOKEN response on the LATOKEN fraud claim

The employee expresses that the claim by WHIRL is not only false but also misleading. He explains that the LATOKEN fraud post by KICK ICO was taken off Medium for the same reason.

The title reads as “Latoken fraud” – that is a very serious accusation and there is zero facts supporting this statement. Without proofs that is defamation of character and libel.

The message furthers that the WHIRL issue has been addressed already in a previous statement;

Whirl ordered Latoken airdrop service, and this service was prepared and rendered. Whirl management was informed about all details of airdrop campaign service beforehand including token distribution process after the end of the airdrop.

The employee further explains that LATOKEN is responsible for the distribution of the token rather than WHIRL or KICK ICO.

Instructions on how participants would receive token was stated on the Whirl airdrop page and in the airdrop bot so that it is Latoken responsibility to distribute airdrop tokens, not WHIRL.

Would LATOKEN keep KICK tokens?

Explaining as to why LATOKEN is asking the KICK ICO team to send all the KICK tokens to the KICK ICO team for further distribution, the said employee explains:

That is simply incorrect. We can distribute tokens even if they are frozen and unfreeze them when needed. Whirl management is simply technically incompetent.

Explaining the KICK ICO’s claim that the LATOKEN would not distribute the rightful amount of KICK tokens to the airdrop participants the employee expresses.

That is yet another hard acquisition without any ground. Latoken prepared and rendered and distributed tokens for 30+ airdrop campaigns so far, we never ever were accused of “keeping tokens for ourselves”

The employee then affirms that the LATOKEN platform would not be providing the wallet addresses to the KICK ICO team owing to the LATOKEN privacy policy.

We never said that we will provide wallet addresses there is no such obligation from our side
wallet addresses are not absolutely anonymous that is a well-known fact.

He furthers that even if KICK ICO team can recover the addresses after the transactions are made by LATOKEN it simply means that the information is not completely anonymous as claimed by the KICK ICO team.

Interestingly enough, the employee also shared the details of the funds raises through LATOKEN platform amounting up to 2.077 Ethereums made from the sale of 369704.800 tokens. The LATOKEN employee expresses:

So, the amount raised is relatively small, yet that is not zero, and that is certainly different from “not a single satoshi”.

Last but not least, the said employee further explained that the LATOKEN team presented the information regarding fees on the request of Whirl team.

In reality, LATOKEN used to show “total funds raised” as agreed with the project, and change it only by project request. So, that was WHIRL request to change the numbers so they will look better.

The employee further explained that LATOKEN made a mistake in trusting the Whirl team and changing the information on WHIRL’s request, however, the practices have changed since.

Now we do not update “total amount raised” without proofs such as contracts, bank statements and/or tx hashes. In the Whirl case, we updated it just per their request as we did trust them (and we should not).

What could be the solution? Our Word

Addressing the matter in a Telegram announcement, LATOKEN expresses that the wallet address would not be shared with KICK ICO. However, in doing so, the company has also revealed a solution for KICK ICO team.

Latoken cannot and will not provide WHIRL wallet addresses of airdrop participants. Your personal data is safe at Latoken, we will not provide it [to] any third party without your explicit written consent from your side.

It appears that KICK ICO can actually get the information from LATOKEN given the written consent of each and every airdrop participant.

However, to have the matter escalate to the point of a social media refute and grudges on both ends is making it look sloppy on LATOKEN’s part.

LATOKEN could facilitate the airdrop participants waiting for their funds since February 2019 by letting the airdrop participants decide in the first place whether or not they want to share the wallet information with KICK ICO in order to receive the funds.

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