KICK ICO is rigorously claiming LAToken fraud on social media


LAToken fraud claims are surfacing on social media as KICK ICO is now claiming that the platform is trying to defraud them. They further claim that this is a simple matter than can be solved without any issues.

KICK ICO recently announced that they would be sharing the bounties of their Bounty0X program in frozen KICK token assets. Where the bounty hunters would be able to get their fair share, they would not be able to dump the tokens right away as the tokens would be frozen for a certain time period. The Facebook post explains;

As you probably know, after the cancellation of WHIRL ICO campaign, instead of just announcing that the campaign is closed we decided not to leave the participants of the bounty program without remuneration.

Instead of the WRL token, which will never see the light of day, we decided to issue a liquid and popular KICK token of our ecosystem. But since this is our gesture of goodwill, and the bounty hunters tend to sell the received tokens as soon as possible and thus dump the price, we can issue it only in a frozen form.

KICK ICO claims LATOKEN fraud

But now, in the latest development, KICK ICO is now claiming a LATOKEN fraud. KICK ICO team is of the view that the platform; despite taking hefty fees from KICK to list and run paid promos, is not allowing a proper transfer of KICK tokens to the bounty hunters and instead wants to secure all frozen assets for themselves.

KICK ICO explains in the Facebook thread that they have been asking LATOKEN to either provide them with anonymous public information that is necessary to transfer the tokens to the bounty hunters. This information includes “the depersonalized wallet address and the amount to be transferred.”

On the other hand, LAToken platform is persistent that the KICK ICO teams send all the funds to the platform, and the platform will later distribute it to the bounty hunters. However, KICK ICO team expresses fear that the correct amount of tokens will never reach the rightful owners in this process.

The post further explains that they believe there are dishonesty and fraud in play since the LATOKEN team is neither providing them with the information nor taking the alternate solution.

As another alternative LATOKEN team could create wallets for us send the tokens and then pass them on to the involved users. This step would not require sharing any information at all, yet they failed to do it as well. This showcases no desire to cooperation and a clear bad will.

LATOKEN fraud or sloppy?

LATOKEN platform has been under the gun for various reasons in the past, and some of them can be deemed outright sloppy on LATOKEN’s part.

This leads to further suspicions against the platform and KICK ICO has expressed similar concerns in their recent Facebook post, which is perhaps why the KICK ICO team is calling out on anyone and everyone who has “suffered from the actions of LATOKEN.”

Apparently, KICK ICO was forced to publish their message on Facebook after their Medium post was taken down with the message that the “story is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules.”

LATOKEN response on the matter?

On the other hand, the LATOKEN public relations officer Kirill Bezverhi shared the following statement with Cryptopolitan.com in response to the KICK ICO claims.

Accordingly, to LATOKEN Airdrop rules, the distribution of tokens is conducted by the platform. Users’ wallet addresses are not available for third parties due to privacy policy. All of the technical requirements needed for token distribution including token freeze are available. We are awaiting the tokens from Whirl project for distribution to the airdrop participants since February 2019.

The statement furthers that the KICK ICO claim is a public relations (PR) stunt pulled off to gain some more exposure.

We were impressed by $30m declared fundraising made by Mr. Danilevskiy in 2017. We wish him success in his new attempts to attract funding to try to build a fundraising platform again. However, we are concerned that the use of defamation for PR purposes impair the reputation of his connections and Russian ecosystem.

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